This Week On Tap: Noble Order’s Tobias Apricot IPA

This Week On Tap: Noble Order’s Tobias Apricot IPA


By Cory Huffman for Indiana On Tap

I knew a guy in college named Tobias and he was an ass. Harsh? Perhaps, but he tried hard for that label.

So naturally, before I cracked open a can of Nobel Order’s Tobias Apricot IPA, I remembered back to the last time I spoke to my collegiate “friend.” We were at a party toasting to the real world and how we couldn’t wait to make money and get chicks and drive fancy cars. For the record, I am a teacher with no money, a truck I love dearly, and a fiancé who is the most wonderful thing in my world. If Tobias should stumble upon this article, he will know I did pretty well.

At the Indiana Microbrewers Festival I spent quite a bit of time at the Noble Order booth sampling their delicious line of meads. Throughout most of the summer their Furst Blood Orange Wheat was my staple on the hot and humid days. So it’s safe to say that I have become a huge advocate for what Brewmaster Richard Shoyer is doing up in Richmond.

The one beer I had not had from Noble Order was Tobias. So when I saw a 4-pack at my local bottle shop I didn’t hesitate to give it a whirl.

Tobias Apricot IPA poured a hazy straw color with hints of sweet apricot on the initial nose. Upon taking my first sip I noticed that the mouthfeel was very light but the flavor really poured through on the slightly sweet finish.

This beer is a strong version (7.8% ABV) of a traditional English IPA, made with Noble English Hops and English yeast. With earthy and fruit flavors from the substantial hops used (75 IBU), this beer is not as dry and bitter as American IPAs. The addition of apricots adds a great blend of hops and fruit to make a clean and enjoyable beer for these dog days of summer.

As I finished my pint I thought once more of my old college friend. I don’t know where Tobias from my college days is today, but wherever he has found himself, for the sake of humanity, I hope to hell a decent girl didn’t get stuck with him.

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