This Week On Tap: Central State Brewing’s Lazer Raptor, Beauty In Can Form

This Week On Tap: Central State Brewing’s Lazer Raptor, Beauty In Can Form


By Adam T. Schick for Indiana On Tap

Big things in the craft beer world usually come in big packages.

Nearly every rare or special bottle release across the country comes in a 22oz bomber or bigger. Barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stouts, hand-dipped in wax, available to a select few one day out of the year. Dark Lord, Bo & Luke, Hunahpu, and now Crushin’ Roulette and Mimi’s Tabernacle and more all bring in people across the regions and country to line up facing the elements for their chance at the glory of purchasing a whale.

Save for those beers like Heady Topper or Pliny the Younger/Elder, not many rare beers come in can or 12oz bottle form, and those beers, though phenomenal, maybe even life-changing to some, are released more than once annually.

If the audience would let me, I’d like to submit Central State’s first-ever canned release, Lazer Raptor, to be added to that list of aluminum must have’s.


Lazer Raptor, a Gose with cranberries and limes, was released on Saturday, March 19th at their near northside bar, the Koelschip. Patrons were allowed to walk out with up to a case of the 16oz cans (24 cans total), so I took advantage of my full allotment and walked away, Smoking Goose sandwich in hand, with a smile on my face. 

Lazer Raptor is perhaps the most beautiful looking beer I’ve ever had the pleasure of pouring. Its bright fuchsia hue epitomizes spring in a glass. (Always pour it in a glass. Don’t drink out of the can.) It is tart, like many of Central State’s beers, but the tangy sweetness of cranberries rushes up to greet you before the acidity of the lime puckers up the back of your tongue. 

Lazer Raptor actually took a few days to completely sell out at the Koelschip, but I’ll attribute that to being a first-time release. The next time it comes around, which brewer Josh Hambright says could happen soon, more people will have caught on to the hype. 

If you missed out on some Lazer Raptor, let this writer know. I’d be more than interested in sharing.

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