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Tasting Society Marketplace Rewards Program

As if saving over $1,400 and being introduced to new breweries, beer and people all over the state isn’t cool enough, members of the Tasting Society Marketplace also receive amazing rewards and incentives for just being a member! The value of the rewards also increase substantially every year by simply letting your membership auto-renew.

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Year 1 Rewards:

*All first-year members will receive our regular (email) newsletter with member-only offers for free and discounted tickets to dozens of craft beer festivals and events of all types all over the state. Most of these offers are for discounts anywhere from $5 – $20 off per ticket. Most events allow the discount to be used for your guests as well. (Annual reward value estimated at $450).

*Invitations to private, member-only events–such as: New brewery tours and tastings, member-only meetups at different brewery & partner locations, member-only bottles shares, and much, much more! Prepare to meet and make some amazing, like-minded craft beer friends! (Annual reward value estimated at $Priceless). 

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Year 2 Renewal Rewards:

*All of the Year 1 Rewards, PLUS:

*1 FREE VIP or GA TICKET to any TWO of Indiana On Tap’s ‘major events’ that we’re either hosting or partnered with during the 2nd year of your membership (an estimated $100 value alone). That’s right. By simply letting your membership auto-renew at the regular retail price of $59.95 for the year, you’ll receive a free ticket to any two of our major events during your next 12 months. Redeeming the free tickets offer is EASY! Simply CLICK HERE to see all upcoming, eligible events. Then send an email to Indiana On Tap at with your ticket request. We’ll then reply with your promo code for your reward ticket. The traditional VIP ticket price for one of our major events at the gate is $50! (The two free tickets alone are nearly twice the value of the cost of the membership renewal).

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Year 3 Renewal Rewards:

 *All of the Year 2 Rewards, PLUS:

*An exclusive and FREE rewards party for each member of 3+ consecutive years and their guest! (First rewards party to take place in 2021).

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Years 4+ Renewal Rewards:

 *All of the Year 2 and Year 3 rewards for life, as long as your membership remains active each consecutive year.

*And don’t forget…by year 4 (and beyond), you’re still locked in at the same original retail price of $59.95/year even though by now we’ve inevitably added hundreds if not thousands of dollars in new and additional offers all over the state!

For more information about the Marketplace Rewards, please read the terms and conditions.
If you have any additional questions, please contact us!

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