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We are Indiana's leading craft beer media, marketing and events company...

Founded in 2014, our digital properties are comprised of the largest, most niche resources for Indiana craft beer news, information, editorials, events and more. In addition to our premier online content and social media platforms, we partner with and host dozens of events across the state of all sizes. From 3,000+ person events to 300 person events, we have the experience, resources, network and tools to plan, market and manage successful, best-in-class events focused on craft beer, spirits, wine, and food.

In 2015, we launched the Tasting Society Marketplace...

The Tasting Society Marketplace is Indiana’s largest craft beer membership and rewards program of its kind with hundreds of participating breweries and partner locations and thousands of current and former members across the entire state. The program is designed to introduce craft beer fans to new breweries and new beer while providing the participating partners with a low cost, highly effective marketing platform that yields an unprecedented ROI.

In 2018, we launched OnTapTickets.com...

On Tap Tickets (www.OnTapTickets.com), is Indiana’s premier online ticketing platform designed exclusively for Indiana craft beverage, food, music & community events. Our platform provides everything an event organizer would need to create a free and beautiful ticketing site in minutes. What makes our ticketing service different than any other solution in the market is the unparalleled (and free) marketing network it offers and our industry-first Marketing Intelligence Report. Simply put, OnTapTickets.com will help you sell more tickets to your next event at no extra cost.

In 2018, we also entered into a licensing agreement to expand into our second statewide market...

Florida On Tap launched with the same core values and mission as Indiana On Tap, while offering the same great media content and services. Services include the Florida On Tap Tasting Society Marketplace and mobile app, FloridaOnTapTickets.com, and premier craft beer event planning, marketing and management solutions.

In 2020, we launched OnTapTix.com...

As a result of the success of OnTapTickets, we launched OnTapTix (www.OnTapTix.com) to meet the demand for a similar, best-in-class online ticketing solution for the massive, nationwide market of craft beer, wine & spirits events. OnTapTix is the ONLY ticketing platform in the world that spends their own money on (local) advertising to help each event sell more tickets. It is also the ONLY ticketing platform that automatically pays its event creators a share of the ticket processing fee of every ticket sold.

Our mission is simple and three-fold...

For the craft beer fans and consumers, it’s to educate, inform and entertain through premier media content, marketing and events. For the craft breweries, it’s to tell their story and connect them with their most important audience to create new and repeat customers for their business and their beer. For our company, it’s to continue to build a diversified portfolio of services that create a sustainable, long term business model that will add value to our industry for the long term.

Photo of Justin Knepp


Founder / Managing Partner

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A graduate of DePauw University, Justin first fell in love with craft beer in 2009. He’s a former sports junkie and loves nothing more than meeting new people and brainstorming great (and dumb) ideas. When he’s not obsessing over new marketing tools and best practices, he enjoys traveling, spending time with his family, and waiting in long lines for specialty beer releases.

Photo of Steve Williams


Managing Partner

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When Steve enjoyed his first barrel-aged stout at the age of 18 months, he immediately sprouted a full beard. The last true photo of Steve was actually taken at the age of six. Since then, that photo has been modified and advanced by Barton to represent how Steve might look today. Steve knows two seasons: winter marathon training (fueled by barrel-aged stouts) and summer marathon training (fueled by IPAs).

Headshot in place of a photo of Mark Lasbury


Managing Editor

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“Higher education” means you know more and more about less and less. At some point in the mid-2000’s,
Mark knew everything about nothing, so he decided to switch to craft beer. Now he pays the bills as an haute couture fashion model and by writing books about Indiana history and popular science…but he most enjoys visiting breweries with his wife (code name Walter) and writing articles to promote craft beer.


Events Coordinator

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Samantha can usually be found in the middle of the action, and whether that’s the front row of a concert or cheering in the stands at Mackey Arena (with a People’s Boiler Gold in hand) really just depends on the day. A die hard Boilermaker, she also enjoys reading, traveling, and attempting to visit every new restaurant that opens in Indy.

Photo of Barton Lewis


Creative Director / Graphic Designer

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Unlike most child stars of the 80’s, Barton didn’t have any problems adjusting to life in the real world. A graduate of the Indianapolis Institue of Art, Barton has spent the last 20 years doing his best to make the world a more beautiful place. An avid beer drinker and Canadian Coin Collector, Barton is pretty much the man. His love for ESBs, scotch ales and rich lagers (combined with maximum creative control to illustrate beer foam designs) makes Barton the perfect fit for the demands of the job.


Squirrel Defense Intern

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Wrigley enjoys listening to vinyl in his spare time. He dropped out of college after only a month, but got his degree in life after backpacking Costa Rica for 6 weeks.

Photo of Drew Ogborn

Drew Ogborn

Events Coordinator

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Drew met his first craft beer when he was in college. Her name was Upland. She was a bit older than he was and she new her way around a frothy drink..so she took him under her wing and turned a boy into a man.

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Now that you know a little more about us, we would love to get to know you! There are tons of events taking place across the state where you will find us. Check them out and come join us for a pint or two. We also offer some AMAZING deals and host dozens of exclusive tastings and events for our Tasting Society members. Join today! Are you a brewery? Learn how you can connect with our amazing audience!