7 Days & 7 Beers: How to drink Indiana craft beer on a budget

7 Days & 7 Beers: How to drink Indiana craft beer on a budget


By Kristina Traxler for Indiana On Tap

Craft beer can be a pricey hobby. Sometimes I catch myself questioning my $6-8 pint as opposed to the cheap domestics and other drinks. Then I remember others are essentially paying $3-5 for water, which justifies my spending on something quality.  As much as I would love to throw all of my disposable income into beer, I’m all about saving a few bucks here and there. Here’s how some of my weeks pan out.

Monday – Ugh, back to the grind. Your afternoon/evening brew is definitely the highlight of your entire day. You’re also trying to remember if you brushed your teeth this morning.

  • Pint: $3.50 Local 30 Drafts at HopCat (also half off burgers until 6PM)
  • Growler: Tow Yard Brewing $5 Fills, Indiana City free glassware with purchase of a fill

Tuesday – You made it through Monday. You’re feeling a sense of empowerment now that you’re finally ready to handle the tasks of the week. You boss through your work and are ready to reward yourself after.

Wednesday – Woah, it’s already Wednesday! That means you only have a few more days until you can turn your brain off again. You think of this and your productivity immediately drops to half of what it was the day before. You start to ponder your Thursday plans. Hey, might as well go out.


Thursday – The day that means Friday is tomorrow. The day that also means you’ll also have more crowds to deal with since it’s more of a social norm to indulge on a Thursday night. Best to go somewhere local.

Friday – YES. You then realize you’ve gone out every day consecutively and check your bank account in a panic. You smile, considering you expected to be in the red zone yet you’ve avoided it another time. To celebrate this accomplishment and the start of the weekend:

  • Pint: Big Lug Canteen $6 pint & Bourbon shot
  • Growler: Sun King Brewing $6 house fills

Saturday – You cringe as you wake up and look at the clock. You realize you’ve missed Sun King Community Yoga for the third week in a row. Damn. After immediately chugging your entire Brita pitcher, you plan out the rest of the day. Some errands, some cooking, and more importantly some beer is on your to-do list.

Sunday –  You wake up at noon without pain, your body has adjusted to the typical weekend sleep deprivation and dehydration just in time for the work week to start. You check the weather and discover that it’s going to be a beautiful day, so you drop your check list and call up your buddies for Sunday Funday festivities.  

Aside from the daily deals, the Tasting Society Membership is the best value that I have found thus far for Indiana craft beer. I haven’t even made it to half the breweries and I already got my money’s worth. It’s also so nice to be able to get a full flight and end up with a $0 tab (at some breweries – every place is different). 

I’m sure there are more deals that I haven’t experienced firsthand yet, feel free to comment or share what are some of the best deals you’ve scored. 



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