Why Windmill Brewing May Just Be One of the Safest (and Most Delicious) Breweries in the State

Why Windmill Brewing May Just Be One of the Safest (and Most Delicious) Breweries in the State

By Andrew Ogborn

By Andrew Ogborn

By Drew Ogborn for Indiana On Tap

During Labor Day weekend, the girlfriend and I decided to spend Saturday hitting up three breweries in “the Region.”

We started off with Windmill in Dyer then headed to Griffith to check out Pokro and New Oberpfalz (but I’ll let her write about those).

So, let’s talk Windmill.

You may have seen the name pop up on the IndianaOnTap.com calendar recently for the brewery’s first anniversary.

Luckily for us, they still had some of their Friesian Draft, a Barrel-Aged Belgian Quad, available a few weeks after the big day. It was freaking delicious, but since it was a special occasion beer it probably (unluckily for you) will be gone by the time you all read this.

Justin Verburg is in charge of the brewing operations, and he sat down with us to tell us more about himself, the brewery and its neighbors, Gettler Street.

Windmill started off a year ago with four main beers, the most well known probably being the Pale Dutch Boy. Now, they’ve evolved and he’s making more styles of beer — they were offering eight on tap when we were there and rotate through brews that keep people coming back for more.

He and I are birds of a feather in that we’re not all that big into IPAs. In fact, he reluctantly started brewing an IPA and called it the Against My Will IPA. This summer he also experimented a bit by doing a raspberry wheat, which of course sold really well. I say “of course” because they’re usually pretty popular, and not just among female drinkers. These beers aren’t as big of a money maker as you may think though because raspberry puree is kind of expensive. Who knew?

Fun fact: The first beer he ever brewed was an Irish Red. And he tells me it actually wasn’t terrible!

Windmill recently started canning a few beers and now are on their third round of doing so. While we were there the canning options were the Single, Double, Tripel, a double IPA-style Belgian tripel available in four-packs and the Mosaic Tessellation Saison (six-pack), which I bought; it’s really good.

Take a trip out to the brewing area, and you’ll see that they’re working off a two-barrel system. Justin said they’re pretty close with One Trick Pony out of Lansing, IL, whose brewers not only helped them get started, but also provided some of their equipment.

You’ll notice in the picture that the fermenters have faces on them. Those are faces of reformers and theologians, such as Martin Luther. The brewery is Dutch themed as he and the other owner are part Dutch. Hence the name; the Dutch are known for their windmills, if you didn’t know.

All in all, it’s a good brewery and worth checking out if you’re in the Region. If you can’t make it up there, then definitely keep an eye out for them at festivals. And check them out online at windmillbrew.com

Oh yes, their neighbors: A huge hospital, a VFW with some interesting stories and a police station. I know, the police station gave me pause too. But when I asked about it he said, “Why would it be an issue”? When you think about it, craft breweries don’t really attract the type of people who cause issues at bars.

It’s not a college bar, by any means. Hell, between off-duty doctors and nurses and off-duty cops coming in, it may be the safest brewery there is.


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