All Memes Day To Be Celebrated At Windmill Brewery on November 4th

All Memes Day To Be Celebrated At Windmill Brewery on November 4th

by Mark E. Lasbury for Indiana On Tap

Windmill Brewing in Dyer, IN (2121 Gettler St.) has been wowing people with their craft beer for the past couple of years. Justin and Scott are two Dutch friends who, after being encouraged by people who drank their homebrew, opened their own brewery in 2015. They have quickly become known for not only producing some very nice malt-forward beers, including stouts, funky saisons, and red ales, but also for some crazy IPAs.

People have come to appreciate both Windmill’s ability to produce classic ales and lagers, but also to go off the reservation with very innovative takes on newer styles. They were recently voted the favorite Indiana brewery at the Valpo Brewfest at the end of September. One of the reasons they have become popular is their milkshake IPA series – the Memes beers.

A milkshake IPA is the new name for lactose IPAs that started to become popular this past spring. Adding the lactose smoothes out the mouthfeel and makes the flavors say on the tongue a bit longer. You might say that milkshake IPAs are halfway between traditional IPAs and those NEIPAs with all the haze and juiciness (minus the necessity for intense citrus flavors from hops).

Free the memes! Windmill will have them all on Nov. 4. image credit: Windmill Brewing

People went crazy for Windmill’s Memes and Dreams, a milkshake IPA with mangoes and vanilla. This was followed by their Peaches and Memes, the same base beer infused with peaches and others. So, if a few are good, then more should be better. And if people like them at festivals and on draft, then they should also like them in cans.

Building on this idea, Justin and Scott have decided to have an All Memes Day on November 4th, a can release day for six different Memes beers and a taproom orgy of Memes on draft. There will be four of the Memes favorites and two all new Memes, encompassing both single and double milkshake IPAs with various fruit infusions.

To ensure that people who really want cans have a chance to get them, tickets will be sold for mixed six packs. Individuals can buy one or two tickets, at $30 each, which will entitle them to mixed six packs – one can of each Meme beer in each six pack. The ticket(s) allow the buyer to pick up their allotment anytime Windmill is open on the 4th (11am-11pm), but if you don’t pick up your beers that day, they are forfeit.

Of course, you don’t have to have a ticket – you can show up at the taproom and buy individual Meme four packs on a first come first served basis. Tickets are required for mixed six packs, and any unclaimed six packs will go up for sale in the taproom the next week. I recommend staying a while at the taproom on the 4th, as Orange Memesicle will be on tap but not offered in cans – plus they will have non-Meme beers on tap as well.

Tickets are available HERE, and below is a list of the Memes beers and the prices for the individual four packs. There is a limit of two four packs for each Meme style and a one case (six four packs) limit per person:

Memes and Dreams – Milkshake-style IPA with mangoes – $18/4 pack/16oz. cans

Peaches and Memes – Milkshake-style IPA with peaches – $18/4 pack/16oz. cans

Memes? Maymays? I’ve Heard it Both Ways
– Milkshake-style IPA with pineapples – $18/4 pack/16oz. cans

Mème de la Crème – Double Milkshake-style IPA with mangoes – $22/4 pack/16oz. cans

Memes and the Giant Peach
– Double Milkshake-style IPA with peaches – $22/4 pack/16oz. cans

Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Meme – Double Milkshake-style IPA with pineapples – $22/4 pack/16oz. cans

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