Tin Man Brewing Collaborates with Local Musicians for Ego Crusher Triple Bock

Tin Man Brewing Collaborates with Local Musicians for Ego Crusher Triple Bock


By Mathew Muncy for Indiana On Tap

A simple tweet from musician Cas One turned into an unlikely beer collaboration between himself, another musician, Figure, and Tin Man Brewing.

Back in November 2015, Cas One tweeted “How cool would it be if @TinManBrewing Did a limited edition Cas One vs @ImFigure beer? Very cool.” That tweet got a big response from his fans and caught the eye of Tin Man’s co-owner Sara Davidson.

“My sales manager Fred and I were on our way back from one of the many beer festivals that we do and I got a text from my wife (and co-owner) Sara,” said Nick Davidson, Tin Man’s other co-owner and brewer, via email. “She texted me, ‘Have you seen the tweet from Cas One? This would be a really cool thing to do.’ We all thought the idea was great and it was something we had never done before, so we reached out to Cas One and Figure and we had a discussion about what we wanted to brew.”

Doing a beer collaboration with non-brewers isn’t something Tin Man has dabbled in much, Nick told me, but with Cas One and Figure being Evansville, Indiana natives, they thought it was a great time to deviate from the norm.

“Sometimes, being down here tucked away in the corner, far from Indianapolis, we get overlooked for the great thing that we have going on,” said Nick. “These are two nationally recognized artists from our neck of the woods and that’s an awesome thing.  Music is almost as big of a passion as beer is for a lot of the people that work here at the brewery, so in our eyes, it was the perfect collaboration.”

Cas One sat down with Nick and talked about what kind of beer style he would like to brew. After their discussion, in which Nick learned Cas One was a big Doppelbock fan (one of his favorite being Ayinger’s Celebrator Doppelbock), they committed to trying a new type of Doppelbock.


“He also wanted to do something big and bold, so I decided to try our hand at a kind of made up style called Triple Bock,” said Nick. “It’s a stronger, higher gravity, version of a Doppelbock.”

One of the most important parts of the collaboration, besides the style of beer, was its name. Nick wanted the name to come from Cas One and Figure, thus Ego Crusher was born. Nick told me we would know more about the meaning behind the name come April 16.

April 16 happens to be the Beer and Birthday Bash for Kid Kollisions at the PG in Evansville, the event where Cas One and Figure will debut their beer. Figure tweeted last week that he and Cas One will be dropping a new album together this year, and that more information would be released on April 15 so it’s possible the name Ego Crusher is linked to their upcoming album.

Ego Crusher will also hit store shelves on April 18, but it will be a limited run, so you will need to grab yours fast.

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