Sweet New Signature Design for Oliver Winery

Sweet New Signature Design for Oliver Winery

Industry Trendsetter Launches Breakthrough Branding Tied to Hot Air Balloon History

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (September 20, 2023) — Oliver Winery, the 28th largest wine operation in the U.S., is thrilled to unveil its new visual brand, inspired by its rich history and commitment to taking wine to new heights. The new branding represents an evolution of the company’s visual identity, connecting back to its origins and the values that have guided its success for over
50 years.

image credit: Oliver Winery

In the updated branding, hot air balloons represent Oliver’s future while honoring its past. Bill Oliver, a founding family member, is an avid aviator and hot air balloonist, and it’s his dreamer’s spirit that has always been at the heart of the company. As Oliver continues to grow, the brand’s philosophy remains rooted in the belief that all styles of wine deserve the highest craft and respect. With quality top-of-mind, Oliver paves a path forward in sweet wine innovations. This year alone, Oliver released its new Melon Mint Moscato and Key Lime Pie wines. A standout in the industry, Oliver focuses on natural ingredients and leverages its relationships with the wine industry’s top growers to continue taking wine to new heights — now portrayed through its packaging and Refreshingly Real™ messaging.

Alongside the release of its new branding, Oliver Winery is launching an integrated video ad campaign for its Refreshingly Real™ wines. The spot highlights just one way that Oliver wines pair with real life moments — from patio nights with friends, to wedding day toasts, and even during at-home everyday chores. The brand continues to innovate with a focus on elevating the everyday.

The new brand look incorporates a refreshed logo featuring the iconic Oliver balloon, and unified packaging system with playful fruit-shaped hot air balloons. The balloons, inspired by the tinkering minds behind Oliver’s inventive creations, are accompanied by a fresh color palette.

“It’s inspiring to see our wines come to life through creativity,” said Julie Adams, CEO at Oliver Winery. “Our goal was to design a visual identity that honors our history while looking to our future in an authentic way, true to our story and promise.”

This is part of a larger, research-backed effort to reinvigorate the Oliver Winery brand and connect with new generations of wine lovers. The company has always been committed to producing wines that are accessible and approachable, and the new branding is designed to reflect the commitment to bringing people together through wine.

“Hot air balloons are completely pointless, except for pure joy. A beautiful, singular experience — very much like wine,” said Bill Oliver, Founding Family Member of Oliver Winery and avid balloonist. “The new branding shows our commitment to quality and our dedication to crafting wines that bring joy to people and their lives. We’re so humbled by our 50 years in the wine industry. This new package represents the very best of who we are.”

The new logo and bottle designs were created in partnership with Sterling Brands. They’re rolling out across all of Oliver Winery’s products, packaging, tourism experience, and marketing efforts. For more information, visit www.oliverwinery.com.

About Oliver Winery: Founded in 1972, Oliver Winery has been bringing thoughtful and flavorful innovations to the sweet wine industry for 50 years. Named the 28th largest winery in the U.S. by Wine Business Monthly, Oliver is a national brand with rising demand. Accelerated growth over the past few years has led Oliver to be sold in more than 40 states and was named to Shanken’s Market Watch “Impact HOT Brand List” three years in a row. The true heart of Oliver can be experienced at its winery in Bloomington, IN, ranked among the top wineries to visit in the U.S. by Travel + Leisure, Forbes, and Shermans Travel. Oliver continues to stay true to its roots producing refreshingly real, forward-thinking, approachable wines that are unpretentious – just like us. Visit our website (oliverwinery.com) to learn more.

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