Oliver Winery Leads the Flavored Wine Category With New Innovative Releases Cosmoberry and Dreamberry Wine

Oliver Winery Leads the Flavored Wine Category With New Innovative Releases Cosmoberry and Dreamberry Wine

Best-selling Sweet Red Wine Enhanced with Real Berry Juices and Extracts Now Available Nationwide

image credit: Oliver Winery

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (March 28, 2024) — Today, nationally-known wine player Oliver Winery is launching Comsoberry and Dreamberry, a twist on its #1-selling Sweet Red. Layered with real fruit juice and other natural berry flavors, this innovative collection represents a bold departure from traditional sweet red wine offerings, merging the sophistication of high-quality sweet wine with bright berry flavors.

A trailblazer in the wine industry for the last 50 years and the 30th largest winery in the U.S., Oliver Winery continues to innovate the flavored wines category with real fruit, natural juices, essences, and extracts, providing a guilt-free indulgence at an affordable price.

“Our team is constantly looking for new ways to innovate the industry, and we thought, why not create a spin-off of one of our best-sellers?,” said Rob Warren, Vice President of Winemaking at Oliver Winery. “We’re excited to put a fun twist on our Sweet Red, layering real fruit juice and natural berry flavors onto a classic Concord wine base.”

Featuring an 11% ABV, these berry-infused wines are inspired by Oliver’s mainstay Sweet Red wine, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of natural flavors. Think: grown-up fruit punch. Cosmoberry captivates the senses with delicate notes of tart cranberry, sweet bursts of fresh strawberries, and a complex heart of blood orange. Vibrant yet subtle, it is a great addition to snacks, light fare, and seafood. Dreamberry offers the refreshingly real sensation of a deep breath at the end of a long day, with inviting wisps of lychee, raspberry, and a generous squeeze of tangy lime. Whether paired with savory entrees or indulgent desserts, it is ready to be chilled and enjoyed. Both are easily served with a meal as a traditional, chillable red or a casual sipper over ice.

image credit: Oliver Winery

“All of our wines stand as a symbol of excellence, and Dreamberry and Cosmoberry are no exception,” said Julie Adams, CEO at Oliver Winery. “Oliver is committed to highlighting real fruit flavors without sacrificing the wine’s integrity, and we’re dedicated to maintaining this standard with every product we introduce.”

Retailing at $15 a bottle, Cosmoberry and Dreamberry are available in stores across the U.S. The wines were released as a sneak-peek in Oliver Winery’s Bloomington, Ind. tasting room and quickly climbed to the top of the sales charts. Visit the winery for a bottle or order online at oliverwinery.com.

About Oliver Winery: Founded in 1972, Bloomington-based Oliver Winery has been bringing thoughtful and flavorful innovations to the sweet wine industry for 50 years. Named the 30th largest winery in the U.S. by Wine Business Monthly, Oliver is a national brand with rising demand. Accelerated growth in recent years has led Oliver to become a household name in 40 states. The winery was named to Shanken’s Market Watch “Impact HOT Brand List” three years in a row and qualified as a Blue Chip Brand in 2022. Oliver continues to stay true to its roots, producing refreshingly real, forward-thinking, approachable wines. Spend the day with us or visit oliverwinery.com to learn more.

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