Pint-Sized Growlers: What’s the deal?

Pint-Sized Growlers: What’s the deal?


By Writing Community Member Chris Wilkey

Have you seen the new “pint sized” growlers that Chilly Water and Twisted K-8 are now selling? I have to be 100% honest. I laughed the first time I saw one of them and said, “Isn’t that the cutest thing you have ever seen?” 

Although I laughed when I first saw them, I started to wonder if they were a great idea or something that will go the way of the Sham Wow. I decided to put together a pro and con list to see what benefit these “pint sized” growlers could have for the craft beer scene. 


  • The beer in these growlers will stay fresh
  • It will take less time to ice down your growler
  • No one will want to steal this growler since there isn’t a lot of beer in it
  • The strain of carrying heavy growlers is now gone
  • The cost of getting a growler fill is lower
  • You can get a bunch of different styles of beer instead of just a growler full of one style
  • It can fit into your pocket (if you still wear cargo shorts/pants)
  • Can fit into the cup holder of your car
  • Technically you don’t have to pour it into a glass
  • They would easily fit into a cooler with other beer



  • If you have a beard, do you really want to be caught with this?
  • You will have to carry around 5 growlers for every 1 (64oz) growler
  • They are not made for sharing
  • The overall price per ounce of beer is going to be higher with these
  • I can’t add them to my 64oz growler collection

After my in depth analysis, I am going to have to rule that these are a cool idea. The pros heavily outweigh the cons. When starting to write this, I was sure that I would end with a “what’s the point” verdict, but with my style of beer drinking, these “pint sized” growlers actually make a lot of sense. Now it’s time for someone to build the pint size growler carrying case…

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