Buzzed IN: Jordan From Chilly Water Brewing Co. 

Buzzed IN: Jordan From Chilly Water Brewing Co. 


By Sarah Burns for Indiana On Tap

Interviewing Jordan at Chilly Water was a lot of fun.  Skip DuVall (the owner) directed me to the perfect person to interview.  Jordan is shameless with a  good sense of humor.  He’s a cook (actually, he’s the Kitchen Manager but he says that’s too official of a name for him).  Skip puts up with him because he says he has to since his family and Jordan’s family are friends.  I think, deep down though, that Skip likes him.

Me (S):  Do you like chips or chocolate better?
Jordan (J):  Chips definitely.

S:  Who’s your favorite Disney princess?

J:  Pocahontas hands down.

S:  Why?  Why is that?

J:  She’s a babe.

S:  My husband’s partial to Jasmine.

J:  Jasmine’s pretty hot too.  Pocohantas.

S:  How much do you use Ketchup on a scale of one to five?  One being hardly at all and five being you brush your teeth with it.

J: Zero

S:  You don’t use ketchup!?

J: No, not really.

S:  Like, ever!?

J:  No.  It was just ingrained in my head never to use ketchup on hotdogs.

S:  Are you a mustard guy?

J:  Yeah.  For sure.

S:  So, do you ever dip fries in Ketchup?

J:  Yeah, I will.  Let’s say one.  I guess I can’t say never.

S:  What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

J:  A bug.


S:  You ate a bug!? What kind was it?

J:  A little grasshopper.

S:  Why?  Why’d you do that?  

J:  Someone dared me.  I was a little kid.

S:  Was it alive?

J:  Yeah. 

S:  Ugh.

J:  It was gross.  It was cruchy.  It didn’t really taste like much.

S:  Do your prefer cinnamon, spearmint, mint, or winterfresh?  Or bubblegum I guess.
J:  Winterfresh.

S:  Ugh.  It’s too minty for me.  Ok, mandatory beer question.  What beer would you take to a deserted island and it’s the only beer you could drink forever? And this question was submitted by @NotTheRealEarl on Twitter.

J:  Old Style.

S: Old Style?
J:  Yep! (uncomfortable silence)

S:  Ok.  If that’s what you wanna go with.  Why, ‘cause it’s mostly water?

J:  Yeah. I’d stay hydrated and it would remind me of baseball and the Cubs.

S:  I think you’re probably supposed to name a Chilly Water beer.

J:  Oh s**t.

S:  You already said it!  Too late!

Regardless of the fact that Jordan eats grasshoppers, he makes good food at Chilly Water.  Stop in, grab a bite, and check them out.  If you’re a Tasting Society Marketplace member, you get $3 towards the purchase of a flight of four, five ounce pours.  You won’t regret giving them a try.  They have awesome beer.

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