Happiness? That’s Puppies and beer, Plain and Simple

Happiness? That’s Puppies and beer, Plain and Simple


 By Tyler McCord for Indiana On Tap

There are three things in this world that I will always get excited about: good beer, awesome video games, and PUPPIES! On Tuesday, April 5th two of those things were under one ruff (or roof if you’re not into puns). Metazoa Brewing Company hosted Mended Hearts Rescue and Girls Pint Out for a fun filled afternoon full of kisses and beer. I’ll let you use your imagination on whom provided what. 

Have you heard of Metazoa Brewing Company? Of course you have! If you are an active follower of ours or any other local brewery then you have definitely heard of them! Just in case you haven’t let me give you a quick run down: 5% of Metazoa’s profit goes back to 12 different animal & wildlife associations, 8 of which are right here in Indiana! Not only do they have that awesomeness going for them, they also have some pretty delicious beer. On opening night, they opened their doors with an impressive 24 beer line-up, all of their own beer too. Aaron Koerner, Metazoa’s head brewer, has an extensive knowledge of what works well together, and what people want. If you haven’t been there yet it’s just a short drive to 140 S. College Avenue, and it has an excellent view of the Indianapolis skyline from there as well.


Lots of pints and lots of puppies tonight! #DrinkBeerHelpAnimals pic.twitter.com/JdGX918uyj

— Metazoa Brewing Co. (@MetazoaBrewing) April 5, 2016

But, tonight was not all about the beer! It was about helping another amazing organization, Mended Hearts Rescue. I got a chance to sit down with Dawn Contos of Mended Hearts Rescue and ask her about their mission:

Tyler: Tell me about the focus of Mended Hearts Rescue.

Dawn: We are Indianapolis-based, and foster-based so we don’t have a physical location. What we do is try to rescue dogs, normally out of shelters. We like the medical cases, the ones that for whatever reason won’t be able to be adopted out. One of our dogs had been hit by a car and had to have his leg amputated. Those are the cases we like because we can make the most difference there.

If we take the dogs out of the shelter that could be adopted from there, it’s not really helping any body. So some of our dogs will come to use with behavioral or medical issues. This could be something minor like ringworm or that they just don’t do well in a cage. We’ll place those dogs into a foster home to help treat them and get them ready for their forever home.

Tyler: What brought you to Metazoa tonight?

Dawn: We go to events like this in hopes of getting them adopted out, get them noticed, or to also recruit more people in to help with the mission. The more fosters we have, the more dogs we can help!

Tyler: How many dogs did you bring with you tonight that are up for adoption?

Dawn: We brought 5 dogs tonight. One did have to leave because he was a little over stimulated (side note: I met this gorgeous puppy and he was the sweetest guy in the world. Loved to give hugs!). He really is just a big teddy bear though.

Thank you for hosting Pints & Puppies, @MetazoaBrewing! pic.twitter.com/GKxWR5LNKM

— Indy GirlsPintOut (@IndyGPO) April 6, 2016

For more information on Mended Hearts Rescue you can go to their website. There you can see all the wonderful animals they have open for adoption and also sign up to be a foster home.

Metazoa Brewing Company is here to stay, and with the great mission they have they are quickly growing to be a corner stone of the Indianapolis and craft beer community. Be sure to go in there and support a great local brewery and help save the animals!



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