Indiana’s Taxman and Metazoa Breweries Win at World Beer Awards

Indiana’s Taxman and Metazoa Breweries Win at World Beer Awards

by Mark E. Lasbury for Indiana On Tap

The World Beer Awards, put on as part of the World Drinks Awards by The, posted their worldwide winners on their website August 16th, 2018. Entries from across the world were judged first within their country as round 1 and then against all country winners for best in style in the world in the round 2 judging. Not all countries were judged within their own country, only those with the highest number of entries: Brazil, Canada, USA, and Germany. Other entries were judged against each other in London on July 25 and winners moved on to Round 2 judging for best in style in the world and best in category in the world.

image credit: Taxman Brewing

Beers were gathered into tasting categories, such as dark beer, pale ale, IPA, flavored beer, sour beer, specialty beer, lager, stout & porter, and wheat… with several beer styles judged within each tasting category. First round judging took place in June, July and early August, while all second and third round taste judging and the judging for design was carried on August 15th in London. Beers to be judged could be submitted by breweries, distributors, importers, or wholesalers and were generally limited to packaged beers.

image credit: Metazoa Brewing

In the Dark Beer category, Taxman Brewing from Bargersville won the country and world style categories in Belgian Style Strong Ales for their Quadruppel called Qualified. In the Pale Beer category, Nap in the Hammock from Metazoa Brewing in Indianapolis won both country and world style gold medals in the Cream Ale category.

In addition to those best in style for the entire world wins, each brewery had other wins at the country level. Taxman won the Best in US for Exemption in Belgian style tripels, Deduction in Belgian style dubbels, Q2 2018 Saison in Biere de Garde/Saisons, and for Cache Flow: Blackberry in the Fruited Lambics category. Besides the Nap in the Hammock win at country and world level for style, Metazoa also won a best in US for Snake Hair in the Session IPA category.

Third round judging, to name the world’s best beer across styles within the same tasting category (nine tasting categories), took place in London in the same session, but the winners will be named online on September 20th. Congratulations to all the winners in all styles and categories. Get out and try some of the winning Taxman and Metazoa beers, and support all our local craft beer breweries.

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