Cardinal Spirits Adding Their Spin To The history Of Repeal Day

Cardinal Spirits Adding Their Spin To The history Of Repeal Day


By Mathew Muncy for Indiana On Tap

​Big fan of spirits? How about craft spirits? How about history? Well, if you are a fan of all three then may I suggest you spend Repeal Day - Dec. 5, the day Prohibition ended – at Cardinal Spirits where they will be bottling the first barrel of whiskey they ever made.

Cardinal Spirits opened in Bloomington, Ind. back in May of this year and started serving their single malt whiskey, White Oak, around the same time. But while they were bottling, they made sure to leave their first barrel untouched, possibly for this momentous day.

White Oak is an unaged, 80 proof whiskey that Cardinal Spirits describes its flavor profile as, “classic malt flavor, grain forward, roasty, toasty, and sweet.”

You may be asking yourself, “What’s the difference between the whiskey made by other craft distillers in Indiana and Cardinal Spirits White Oak?” Two words: Single Malt. American whiskey tends to fall into two categories: rye and bourbon; so to create a single malt whiskey, a distiller must use only one type of malted grain. Cardinal Spirits uses 100 percent malted barley, which they procure from Sugar Creek Malt Company located in Lebanon, Ind.

It can’t be too coincidental that Cardinal Spirits decided to bottle their first barrel of White Oak on the same day the United States government fully ratified the Twenty First Amendment? I think not.


So what makes this event historical? Well, first off it’s their first whiskey barrel, which is historical for Cardinal Spirits, but as they claim, and my quick Google search seems to prove, this was the first craft single malt whiskey made in Indiana. Adding to an already historic day in alcohol history: great move Cardinal Spirits.

The barrel Cardinal Spirits will be bottling contains 53 gallons of whiskey, or at least what’s left after the Angel’s share. That works out to roughly 535 bottles at 357ml each. You can purchase your own bottle of whiskey history for $30 at the distillery on Saturday, so they suggest you RSVP and get their early.

Source: (Cardinal Spirits: The Drop)

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