Brew Link Brewing’s Second Grand Opening an Even Bigger Success

Brew Link Brewing’s Second Grand Opening an Even Bigger Success

Andrew DickeyBy Andrew Dickey for Indiana On Tap

It’s not often an establishment gets to have two grand openings, but a misinterpretation of statutes saw Brew Link Brewing close its tap room after its March 12 grand opening.  I was fortunate enough to attend then, and found it a memorable Saturday.  In the meantime, they participated in the festival circuit and continued to make their great beer.  Then, on Saturday, October 8, they had their 2nd grand opening…and this beer writer hopes Plainfield’s newest taproom is here to stay.  I  like their beer and visited the tap room several times last spring, so I was excited for today’s event.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning,  and I arrived a little after 11am.  The parking lot was blocked off for cornhole and Heritage Hollow Farms set up barbecue service for the day.  Festivities were to go on until 10 PM, and from the onset, the event was a major success.   When I arrived, there was a line for beer service almost out the front door. Nearly every table was full and while I was there, there was a constant flow of people.  The word was definitely out.  I was excited to try their new beers and when I ordered a flight, I had the pleasure of  sitting down with Rauri Crabbe, co-owner of Brew Link.

Rauri’s home brew supply business is still running, it’s just online.  The area that once housed brewing supplies now has couches and a foosball table with a drink railing.  It’s very comfortable.  Rauri and I chatted a bit, but it was busy, so I let him get back to working the room.

My flight of beer was delicious.  The Basically Bitchn was a pumpkin ale on Nitro.  It was smooth,and the pumpkin flavor was not overpowering at all.  I liked it quite a bit and found the aroma clean, and the finish sweet.  The Summer Romance was a mango Pale Ale that had a nice aroma and was all fruit on the front end.  There was a distinct bitter hop finish on this smooth session pale ale.  Murphy’s Blonde Ale was light, crisp, and easy to drink.  It went down smooth, and I could drink a lot of it.  I also tried Central State’s Sunk Cost, which was a Flemish style brown ale.  It was a good effort on a beautiful and artful beer style–a full bodied sour that shows potential for Central States sour program.

After enjoying my beers, I left for the afternoon.  The festivities continued, and I returned much later.  When I got back, there was live music outside and the inside remained packed.  I wanted to try something from Heritage Hollow, so I had a bratwurst and checked out the band.  An old friend was playing drums and I got to chat with him after the set.  Inside, things were lively, and a guest was dressed in a costume from The League.  Beer was flowing and more music continued inside.  I stayed for a little bit and when I left, things were still going strong.

Brew Link’s Grand opening was a strong, day-long affair and I expect big things from them.  Everyone seemed to be enjoying the event and I plan to visit them soon for another delicious beer.  For fans of sours, they will have a line devoted to the style.  It’s definitely worth visiting if you’re near the Plainfield area.  It was a strong start for Rauri and company, and I wish them continued success.

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