Brew Link Announces New Location for Brewery and Brewpub

Brew Link Announces New Location for Brewery and Brewpub

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A New Year, New Brewer, New Partners, and New Building

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Plainfield, IN, 03/013/19: Brew Link Brewing Company of Plainfield, IN is pleased to announce several changes that have/will strengthen the brewery’s link to Plainfield and the brewing community. Mike Hess has been brought in as the new brewer, the brewery and taproom will be relocating to former Elks Lodge on the Oak Tree Golf Course, and the new location has made it possible to bring on new partners to offer food at the upcoming location. Here are all the details:

New Location: At present, the Brew Link taproom is located at 212 E. Main St. in downtown Plainfield. In late 2017 the city of Plainfield hired a development company to remake the downtown, and they determined that the taproom’s building was in the way of a proposed four-story apartment building. Their location is marked for demolition and Brew Link has a “must vacate by” date of March 23rd.

With this development, owner and co-owner Ruari Crabbe had a decision to make – call it quits and close the taproom or double down and honor the commitments made by his employees and family to press on. Ruari said, “With the amount and time, effort and the ironic ‘blood sweat and beers’ everyone in and around Brew Link put in, I decided to push forward.” An alternate location was procured at 4710 E. US 40, Plainfield, IN 46168 to house both the taproom and the production brewery, providing vistas across the well-treed Oat Tree golf course and with plenty of parking.

Brew Links’s future home is a 1890s farmhouse with a 1975 addition for the Elks Lodge, equally 10,000 sq. ft. in total. The new location has required a great deal of work on the interior and kitchen, the first phase of which is to renovate the Elk’s Lodge portion to house a bar, family dinning, kitchen, brewery and outside seating overlooking the golf course. There will be space both indoors and out for live music, so this will be a truly full service brewpub. With a great deal of work to be completed in a short time, the targeted opening date for the new taproom late April with a soft and then grand opening. Hiccups always arise in construction, so these remain tentative dates as of now. The production brewery has been located at 770 Andico Rd. in Plainfield, and will remain there until the renovation of the space at the golf course is ready for installation of the brew house, and also because the recent partial government shutdown has held up the federal permit to move the brewery.

Brewer Mike Hess from his days at Triton Brewing. image credit: Indiana On Tap

New Brewer: The Brew Link team considers themselves fortunate to have had the opportunity to bring on Mike Hess as a new brewer, formerly of Barley Island Brewing and Triton Brewing. Ruari said, “Mikey really has turned our brewery right side up. He is one of the hardest working, nicest, smartest, most lovable guys I’ve had the pleasure to meet during this endeavor. He is truly a beer whisperer! He made our brew system more efficient, has fine tuned our recipes, and has just brought pure joy to the team.”

Brew Link points out that all the fan favorite beers are going nowhere, they will all continue to be brewed without change, but Mike has afforded Brew Link the chance to brew many new beers. This is reinforced by Ruari, “Mike understands the beer scene and has already impressed the masses with his new beers. Look out 2019, we have a lot of new beers in store for ya!”

New Partners and Amenities: With a recent restructuring of the Brew Link business and the impending move to a new location, Ruari made the important decision to add a full kitchen and turn Brew Link into a complete brewpub. Brew Link had been approached in the past about expanding and bringing in a food partner(s). Two local food industry professionals reiterated interest in the project when the move was made necessary. One year after their initial inquiry, Brew Link now has a new set of food partners to provide cuisine made to order in the full kitchen of the new location.

Brew Link Brewing’s new digs on the west edge of Plainfield. image credit; Google Street View

The new partners will have free reign on designing and making the food at Brew Link as appealing as the beer, and to ensure that the styles of food will match the beer coming from the brew house. Having these new partners will free up Ruari and Mike to do what they do best – make beer. Look for Brew Link’s elevated pub food to include, but not be limited to, wings, nachos, tacos, flatbread pizzas, soup/salads, burgers, sandwiches, steak, pasta, and much more. The Brew Link restaurant and taproom will be open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, as well as offer a Sunday brunch.

Together, these exciting changes make Brew Link even more of a destination for Indiana craft beer fans. The new location is only 2.5 miles straight down US 40 from the taproom which has become a home away from home for many, but additions such as a full kitchen, new beers, family friendly dining areas, an outdoor patio (with dogs if the health department approves of the idea), and beautiful views across the golf course will quickly help patrons adjust to the move.

About Brew Link Brewing: Brew Link Brewing, located in Plainfield, IN was founded in 2015. Owner Ruari Crabbe, with two new corporation partners, run a 10 BBl brew house currently located at 770 Andico Road in Plainfield with a total production of more than 1000 barrels in 2018 and a projected 15% increase for 2019. Distribution began in 2016 around in Indiana and the end of 2017 for out of state, with Brew Link beers (Ivory White stout, Nuttercup, the milkshake series, and Double O Stout) now found in Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, Colorado, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and throughout Indiana.

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