Boom Bap ‘n Brews at Tow Yard

Boom Bap ‘n Brews at Tow Yard


By Carl Simmons, Guest Post

The hip-hop collective Inkscape and Tow Yard Brewing of Indianapolis have teamed up and are hosting The Great Iscape Tour at Tow Yard on June 18.  Tow Yard will also be unveiling their latest beer, the Inkscape Imperial Stout, brewed by head brewer Tony Fleming and assistant brewer Will Moorman.

The idea of a local brewery collaborating with an independent hip-hop collective came to fruition as Inkscape member, David Katz, aka Simon Sed approached Moorman with a design for a beer label. Former students at Purdue University, the two began to collaborate for Tow Yard to host The Great Iscape Tour at its stop in Indy and release the Inkscape stout.

For its stop in Indy, Simon Sed will be representing Inkscape and will be supported by Pope Adrian Bless, and Skittz, both hailing from Indy.  They will also be joined by Landon Wordswell, who toured extensively with The Gift of Gab, MC of the hip-hop duo Blackalicious.  DJ Jay Diff will be producing the show.

A doctorate student of experimental psychology at Case Western Reserve University, David Katz and Inkscape planned The Great Iscape Tour to help promote its artists and the collective as a whole.


“Inkscape really goes back to a Youtube channel that fellow member Uncle Tairy started called Tairy Hesticles,” said Katz.  “Bill, aka Tairy Hesticles, was a huge hip-hop fan and was posting indie hip-hop online before Youtube became a medium for that.”

Katz said that the members of Inkscape all met through Uncle Tairy’s Youtube channel, and eventually Uncle Tairy recorded a song with Katz while he was studying at Purdue.

“The Youtube channel had 30,000 followers,” said Katz.  “So he started posting our music too.” 

Katz’s latest album, Perpetual Student, continues the theme of constantly growing and learning from life experiences.  “It’s got a very boom bap feel to it,” said Katz. 

For Tow Yard, the brewery wants to use this event to showcase local music and promote its beers in the burgeoning Indiana beer scene.

Having already released two stouts, Beyond a Shadow of a Stout, an easy drinking, low ABV stout, and Creamy Behemoth, an imperial oatmeal stout, Will Moorman is very excited for the release of the Inkscape Imperial Stout.

“The Inkiscape stout is going to be silky, thick and have a lot of nice roasty and toasty flavors to it,” said Moorman.  “We’re hoping for a killer night of awesome hip-hop and showing people what Tow Yard is all about.”

Doors open at 8 and the music starts at 9:30.  Cover is $10 and a $20 cover includes a 22 oz. bomber of Inkiscape.

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