17 Local North IN Breweries Collaborating with Germanfest Fort Wayne

17 Local North IN Breweries Collaborating with Germanfest Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne, IN, April 26, 2019Germanfest Fort Wayne is proud to announce a collaboration with the Northern IN Brewery Association! All 17 local breweries have played a role in crafting a selection of German inspired exclusive beers to be sold at Germanfest, starting Wednesday June 5th at Headwaters Pavilion. Samples from your favorite local breweries will be available Thursday, June 6th from 4:40pm to 5:30pm.

Hop River Brewing Company is doing a Kolsch: a classic easy-drinking German ale, crafted in the traditional style.

The Northern IN brewers coming together for Germanfest. They should have worn lederhosen. image credit: Norther IN Brewers Association

Junk Ditch Brewing Company is doing a Pilsner: a refreshing German style beer, with a floral and herbal hop finish.

LaOtto Brewing Company is doing a Dortmunder: a pale pilsner-like lager that is slightly malty with a clean finish.

Mad Anthony Brewing Company is doing a Hefeweizen: a classic German wheat beer.

Chapman’s Brewing Company hosted the remaining 12 breweries to create ‘Trail Schwarzbier’: This slightly roasted dark lager ‘black beer’ is named in honor of the Northern Indiana Beer Trail.

These local beers pair well with Germanfest’s locally made German Potato Salad (Sport Club), Sauerkraut (Maennerchor Damenchor), and Kuchen (Turners).

Join us Wednesday June 5th at 5pm at Headwaters Pavilion for $5 pints of locally crafted German style beers!

 The Germanfest Committee of Fort Wayne and The Northern IN Brewery Association.


ABOUT Northern IN Brewery Association: Founded in 2018, Northern IN Brewery Association encourages local collaboration with the craft beer industry and increase engagement of locals and beer tourism in the Northern IN craft beer community. With 20 independent Northern Indiana brewery members and monthly events, we strive to develop relationships among area breweries, increase local and area beer drinkers at area breweries, increase area breweries reach in our area, as well as increase beer tourism in and around Northern IN. For more information including pictures of the Germanfest Collaboration Brew Day, contact Mary Corinne Lowenstein at MC@hopriverbrewing.com.


banner image credit: Germanfest Fort Wayne

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