Waiting For a Better Time – Rescheduled Indiana Craft Beer Events

Waiting For a Better Time – Rescheduled Indiana Craft Beer Events

by Mark E. Lasbury for Indiana On Tap

NOTE: Updated as of 03/31/20

I don’t believe that beer events are an important thing when compared to the public health. Some beer events benefit worthy charities or community efforts, while others help to promote craft breweries and Indiana craft beer. But even with those laudable results, putting peoples’ health at risk isn’t warranted.

The health of craft beer industry in Indiana is at risk, but there is little we can do about that at this moment other than to support the breweries/bars/restaurants and their workers to the best of our ability. Carry out, delivery, big tips, safe visits to package stores … these are the things we can all do.

Other things can help too. Keeping breweries in our minds and preparing to help them out when they reopen will be important too. That will mean supporting them at beer events too when they come back. Of course, that will also help the efforts and charities associated with the events as well. At Indiana On Tap, we try to keep the breweries on the tongues of the public at all times, and keep the craft beer fan up to date on the happenings in the beer world. That includes listing the events that have been postponed or canceled due to the coronavirus shutdown. Here’s what we know:

Corkscrew & Brew in Chesterton, scheduled for 03/16 – rescheduled for June 20

Books & Brews 6th Anniversary Party, scheduled for 03/28 – waiting to reschedule

Merge Dinner at Blind Owl Brewery, scheduled for 03/30 – rescheduled for May 30

Sour Wild Funk Fest from Upland Brewing, scheduled for 04/04 – rescheduled for July 18

Metazoa Brewing’s 4th Anniversary Party, scheduled for 04/04 – looking at a couple of possible dates in August

TAP for TAF, scheduled for 04/04 – canceled

Bloomington Craft Beer Festival, scheduled for 04/11 – canceled

Death & Taxes Day from Taxman Brewing, scheduled for 04/18 – rescheduled for Sept. 26

4/20-ish Party at Burn ‘Em Brewing, scheduled for 04/18 – postponed until some time this summer.

Electrification Day Beer Bash from Chapman’s Brewing, scheduled for 04/18 – postponed, but no date set

Four Fathers Brewing  6th Anniversary Party, scheduled for 04/18 – canceled

St. Benno Fest, scheduled for 04/18 – will make decision by end of March

Muncie Brewfest, scheduled for 04/25 – rescheduled for August 15

Fruhlingsfest Spring Bash Guggman Haus Brewing, scheduled for 04/25 – probably canceled, but looking forward to their first anniversary on June 20

Lore’d of the Hops at HopLore Brewing, scheduled for 04/25 – waiting until first of month to make a decision

Beastside Brewfest, scheduled for 04/25 – making a decision no later than 04/15

2nd Annual Soak Up The Suds Brewfest, scheduled for 05/09 – rescheduled for July 11

Way Out Beer Fest at Pax Verum Brewing, scheduled for 05/09 – rescheduled for August 8

Rock The Junction at Grand Junction Brewing, scheduled for 05/16 – postponed to a date yet to be determined

Dark Lord Day at Three Floyds Brewing, scheduled for 05/16 – will be rescheduled, monitor social media

2nd Annual Wawabrewski at Man Cave Brewing, scheduled for 05/16 – waiting two weeks to make a decision

5th Annual Anderson On Tap, scheduled for 06/06 – rescheduled for Sept. 5

2nd Annual First City Brewfest, scheduled for 06/13 – waiting 2-3 weeks to make decision.

3rd Annual Rushville Libations by the Levee – still scheduled for July 18

Microbrewers Fest – still scheduled for July 25

Whitestown Brewfest – still scheduled for Sept. 12

3rd Annual Lagers in Lawrence – still scheduled for October 10

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