Upland Brewing Company Unveils First Official Beer of Indiana University Athletics: Hoosier Gameday Lager

Upland Brewing Company Unveils First Official Beer of Indiana University Athletics: Hoosier Gameday Lager

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BLOOMINGTON (March 10, 2023) – Upland Brewing Company, a craft brewer with brewery, brewpub and tap house locations throughout Indiana, announces the first-ever Indiana University Athletics branded beer: Hoosier Gameday Lager. This beer, cultivated based on direct feedback from IU fans, will be a refreshing 4.7 alcohol by volume (ABV) lager in a can adorned with the cream and crimson candy stripes that have become ubiquitous with the IU name. This is Upland Brewing Company’s first brew that falls into the gameday beer category.

To create the new brew, Upland Brewing Company wanted to deploy an atypical approach to creating a craft beer, so they began a formal market research project last November. Surveys were provided to anyone aged 21 and over to provide input on the beer name, preferred flavor profiles, and beer can imagery and design. Survey respondents could pick attributes they thought would be best in the new IU-branded beer. In total, the company received more than 10,000 completed surveys, all of which were analyzed and considered.

“Hoosier Gameday Lager is the result of collaboration among thousands of passionate fans,” said Eddie DeSalle, President of Upland Brewing Company. “In that way, it’s uniquely representative of the university’s athletics program as a whole. Survey results showed some common threads from fans, and we incorporated those into this beer. The majority of people wanted stripes on the can design, the word “Hoosier” in the name, a brew that tasted refreshing, and a moderate ABV. We’re excited to give all that to them.”

image credit: Upland Brewing

A portion of Hoosier Gameday Lager sales will go toward IU student scholarships.

“Indiana University Licensing and Trademarks is delighted to partner with Upland Brewing Company on the launch of Indiana Athletics branded craft beer,” said Valerie Gill, Associate Vice President for Business Partnerships at Indiana University.

Hoosier Gameday Lager will be made available as a limited edition draft at all Upland Brewing Company locations starting today. In August, it will be available to purchase anywhere Upland Brewing Company beers are sold, including in bars, grocery stores, liquor stores and more.

To learn more about Upland Brewing Company, visit https://uplandbeer.com/.

ABOUT UPLAND BREWING COMPANY: Founded in 1998, Upland Brewing Company produces and sells quality craft beer made in Indiana. With three breweries, six brewpub and one tap house location throughout Indiana, Upland Brewing Company is the third largest brewer in Indiana, and the producer of the top-selling India pale ale in the state, Dragonfly. Headquartered in Bloomington, Upland Brewing Company utilizes quality ingredients to craft quality, unique brews. To learn more, visit https://uplandbeer.com/ or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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