Two new businesses open in Jeffersonville

Two new businesses open in Jeffersonville


By Bill Francis of WDRB

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) — People attending Thunder Over Louisville in southern Indiana on Saturday can check out two new small businesses for food and refreshments.

Both are using Thunder as a trial run for their grand openings in a few weeks.

Lynn Rhodea has what should be a great location for her small business — right next to the Big Four pedestrian bridge. That’s where she’s opening Pearl Street Treats, a frozen yogurt shop.

“We are doing last minute preparations to open tomorrow for Thunder Over Louisville,” says Rhodea.

As workers finish up construction of the ramp to the Big Four, Rhodea wants to take advantage of the big crowd for the air show and fireworks.

So Rhodea decided to have a soft opening for her new frozen yogurt store on Thunder Day.

“Once you pick up a treat here, you can then venture into our lovely downtown area,” she says.

Rhodea’s yogurt shop is one of several new attractions that have either opened or will soon open in Jeffersonville as a result of the Big Four.

A couple of blocks away, Brandi Ronau is preparing to open the Red Yeti Brew Pub and Restaurant.

Ronau was planning to plans to serve sandwiches and soft drinks out on the sidewalk during Saturday’s airshow.

The renovation of the historic building has delayed its opening and the sale of beer until at least the end of the month.

“The state of Indiana had to look at our plans and make sure things are safe for our customers, we had to make sure we had enough fire exits and things like that,” Ronau explains.

The opening of the bridge on the Indiana side has been delayed for months, but it’s now set to open at the end of April.

But once Ronau gets her business up and running and the bridge finally opens, she believes people will come here in great numbers.

“Jeffersonville is growing and it’s a place where people can hang out with their family and friends,” she says.

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