Scarlet Lane & TwoDEEP Announce High Castle Black Gose Collaboration

Scarlet Lane & TwoDEEP Announce High Castle Black Gose Collaboration


Indianapolis/McCordsville, IN – Scarlet Lane Brewing and TwoDEEP Brewing have collaborated on a German Black Gose called High Castle that will launch the week of Indiana Craft Beer Week.

“With us having a love of German-style beers and Scarlet Lane being focused on stouts, we thought this idea would be a unique and fun challenge…we also came up with this idea while drinking at Twenty Tap in Broad Ripple. So there’s also that,” said Andy Meyer, TwoDEEP Brewing.

Gose is a top-fermented beer that originated in Goslar, Germany. The flavor profile of the gose includes some form of herbal characteristic, strong saltiness with slight lemon tartness. Typically, the grain bill is at least 50% malted wheat.

High Castle Black Gose will take a classic gose recipe and marry it with the American Stout beer.

“At first I said, ‘what the hell are you guys talking about? Gose? Stout?’” said Eilise Lane, Scarlet Lane Brewing. “But the more I thought about it and talked with the TwoDEEP Brewing team the more the idea actually seemed doable. We worked together through some different recipe ideas and landed on one that is going to be really cool and different.”

High Castle Black Gose will be available at both breweries with a limited number of kegs available within the Indianapolis area and will launch the week of Indiana Craft Beer Week hosted by – April 27th & 28th at the breweries and April 29th at Twenty Tap in Broadripple.

“All of us younger breweries have talked about doing more collaborations locally and this is our third collaboration for Scarlet Lane. Every time we do one we have a ton of fun and light a spark of creativity. We plan to continue doing a lot of collaborations with our industry partners,” said Lane.

“The camaraderie of our industry is unmatched and it really shows when collaborating with other local breweries. It highlights to the public that we are truly in this together; to change the way people think about beer and what our industry stands for. We definitely look forward to bringing new and exciting collaborations to the market,” said Meyer.

About Scarlet Lane Brewing Company: Scarlet Lane Brewing Company was launched in May 2014 in McCordsville, Indiana. Owners/Founders Eilise Lane, Doug Sheets and Nick Servies are Indiana natives. The Company operates as a female owned business with majority female interest and investment in the Company. Head Brewer Eilise Lane is a graduate of the American Brewers Guild and learned her craft while living in Oregon. Scarlet Lane produces three flagship beers: Dorian Stout, Tiberius Centurion IPA and Lenore Dry-Hopped Ale, as well as, a rotation of Seasonal and Specialty Beers. You can find Scarlet Lane beers on draft and in bottles throughout Indiana.

About TwoDEEP Brewing Company: TwoDEEP Brewing Co. is a malt-forward production brewery and TapRoom rooted in Indianapolis, Ind. The Company was founded in 2011 by Andy Meyer and Chris Hoyt, and opened its doors in August of 2014. TwoDEEP produces four year-round beers (KnightStick Cream Ale, Red Sunday Irish Red Ale, Brickhouse Roasted Amber Ale and Lake IPA) alongside a portfolio of seasonal ales and specialty lagers. TwoDEEP beers can be found in the downtown TwoDEEP TapRoom as well as bars, restaurants and liquors stores throughout Indiana.

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