New brewpub taking over Harrison Landing

New brewpub taking over Harrison Landing

By Marshall V. King of the Elkhart Truth

Elkhart is getting a second brewpub.

Depending how you count, this is the third, but Mad Anthony’s never brewed here and didn’t make it. Iechyd Da is doing well.

But a half-block south from the former Mad Anthony’s at Harrison Landing, four guys are taking over and opening New Paradigm Brewing Co. You can try a sample of their brews when they take over Tuesday, Oct. 1 (or at ArtWalk Wednesday) but it’ll be a number of months until they replace the stage with a brewery and have pints to offer.

Brandon Stanley, Scott Gruver, Bob Newman and Josh Hibshman signed paperwork last week to become owners of Harrison Landing. Attorneys Bill Lavery and Pat Whisler opened the place at 600 S. Main St., Elkhart, in November 1994.

“We’re ready to be done and are very excited for our friends who are doing the New Paradigm Brewing,” Lavery said.

The attorneys will keep practicing upstairs and Lavery said they’ll be “very good customers.”

Stanley said they will be in the process of transferring licenses in the coming months and will start work on making the menu more fresh and local.

The group has about 12 beers, many of them Belgian style, that it brews on a regular basis.

“We’ve got a great lineup of beers coming,” he said.

Until they have New Paradigm beer, other craft beers will inhabit the taps.


ŸConstruction on the new Evil Czech Brewery in Mishawaka is underway, according to a press release from Ancon Construction. The company is renovating about 9,000 square feet of the former Mishawaka Brewing Co. and adding about 1,500 square feet.

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