Michiana Festival of Beers Sports Quite a Lineup for 2023 – It’s a Great Charity Event

Michiana Festival of Beers Sports Quite a Lineup for 2023 – It’s a Great Charity Event

by Mark E. Lasbury for Indiana On Tap

While the 2023 festival season is over for Indiana On Tap, there are still many events that are looking very promising. When I was looking over some of the upcoming festivals in an effort to plan upcoming Saturdays for Walter and I, one in particular caught my attention.

The Michiana Festival of Beers will take place on Oct. 21 from 2pm – 6pm within the friendly confines of Four Winds Field in South Bend. This is the same venue that hosts the wildly successful JA Wine & Beer Fest each May, so we know it is a place that lends itself to a good fest. Get tickets now at https://event.ontaptickets.com/events/michiana-festival-of-beers-10-21-2023.

image credit: Michiana Festival of Beers

Organizer Chuck Bergman agrees that Four Winds Field offers many advantages. He told me, “We love having an outdoor event but with all the amenities of an indoor facility or conference center, including the covered concourse. So we enjoy the great outdoors (weather permitting) but have access to electricity, water, bathrooms, tables/chairs, covered areas, etc. Plus, it is completely fenced and gated so we can control access and security very easily.” He added, “Our goal is to host an event with a more personal and pleasurable craft beer experience.”

So, Michiana Festival of Beers has got the nice venue in its favor, but what about the products being sampled? The list of vendors is impressive, and good in number as well. The number of breweries coming is larger than most other festivals this year and certainly larger than any other Indiana festival in October, and includes some vendors that are less common around Indiana.

Arvon Brewing from Grand Rapids is a first-year addition, as is Phase Three Brewing from Lake Zurich, IL, as are several other vendors. Check out the brewery list (here) to see all who will be there. I’m looking forward to meeting and tasting the meads from White Wolf Mead, with mead maker Danny Kohler now looking for investors and a chance to go commercial. Plus, the inclusion of MEGA Home Brew Club, Marshall County Brew Club, and Sinister Goat Brewing give attendees a great chance to try lots of homebrew at the festival – these kinds of events are often the only chance you have to drink these great beers (everyone knows what fans Walter and I are of homebrew).

image credit: Michiana Festival of Beers

Great venue…check. Great list of vendors and a good number of new vendors….check. Is there more to this festival? Yes indeed, there are beers just for the first hour. Chuck said, “A new feature that we started last year is inviting breweries to bring a VIP beer. Ideally, this is a seasonal or unique beer that they brew. VIP tickets not only allow for an extra hour of sampling, but also only they have access to the VIP beers. It makes the small premium for the VIP ticket that much more valuable.”

There will also be live music for the festival from the classic rock cover group, Tongue Tied. This high energy group will add to the festivities, as will the five different food booths, including Mexican, smothered fries, bar food, and others). Munching on food, listening to music, and sampling all around the ballpark make for a great day, but it’s all for a good cause too. Over the years, the Michiana Festival of Beers has donated more than $31,000 to Resale to the Rescue, an upscale resale shop that supports local animal welfare organizations. ALL the profits of the festival, not just a percentage, go to Resale to the Rescue to help them in their important work. I could drink a few beers to help them out, how about you?

We’re looking forward to the afternoon, to seeing friends and partners, to watching our podcaster friends (Two Beerded Guys, Michiana Beer Reviewers, Drunk with Buds) support all these great local producers by doing interviews and getting their stories out to the people. A special thanks to MEGA Homebrew Club for making big contributions to the organizing of the event. Once again, tickets are available now at https://event.ontaptickets.com/events/michiana-festival-of-beers-10-21-2023.

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