It’s Your Turn to Produce Content About Indiana Wineries and Distilleries for Indiana On Tap

It’s Your Turn to Produce Content About Indiana Wineries and Distilleries for Indiana On Tap

by Mark E. Lasbury for Indiana On Tap

Indiana On Tap serves at the pleasure of Indiana craft beverage producers and drinkers. We have ideas about things to talk about, and we have ideas about things NOT to talk about. We talk a lot about craft beer, but we really want to talk more about Indiana artisan distillers and Indiana wineries. The only problem – I can’t drink spirits and Walter can’t drink wine.

We both have food sensitivities, and as a result, our middle ground is beer. We love beer…we revere beer, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t wish we could drink wine and spirits and talk about them. And here is where you, our readers, come into the picture.

We ran a very successful festival recently, during which we had a couple come in to pour for a local winery (hi Jennifer & Todd). I know them as a craft beer couple, but apparently they know Indiana wine very well as well. It makes Walter and I just a bit jealous because we’re limited to beer. But then we thought, why not use our readers to help us get the word out about get Indiana wine and spirits?

image credit: West Fork Whiskey

I know that we have readers who are big fans of Indiana distilleries, and for good reason. Artisan distillers in Indiana are earning medals and patrons hand over fist, so it’s appropriate that their customer bases should grow. But, since Walter and I are restricted in our patronage, we need to rely on you to tell us what’s great, what’s going on, and places people need to visit.

Gem City Spirits, West Fork Whiskey, Cardinal Spirits, Old 55 Distillery, Indiana Whiskey….. the list goes on and on. We have 36 artisan distillers in Indiana now (without losing even one to Covid-19, thank you very much). Indiana On Tap going to start relying on you to tell us what’s going on at Three Rivers Distilling, Bear Wallow, Heartland Distillers, Starlight Distillery, Spirits of French Lick, and all the other Indiana artisan distillers. Yes, we get some press releases for big stories or medals won, but since we don’t visit the distilleries as much as we wish we could, we need you to help us out.

The same is true for Indiana wineries…..and there’s a bunch of them. There’s 183 Indiana breweries open right now, but Indiana wineries aren’t far behind in number (just under 100). In quality, wine in Indiana is right there with beer (and I need not remind you how Indiana beer cleans up in national and international competitions). There are big wineries – Oliver Winery and Huber Winery and the like, but there are also more than a hundred small Indiana wineries. How many of you have visited Daniel’s Family Vineyard or Buck Creek Winery? Maybe not, but they have awards out the wazoo. Smaller places like Peace Water Winery, Easley Winery, and Running Vines – they all make award winning wine and deserve to be talked about.

image credit: Easley Winery

We’ve started to have more wineries at our festivals, and people love them – Blackhawk, Mallow Run, Huckleberry Hill, and Belgian Horse – yet since we can’t drink wine, we miss telling you a lot of their stories. We need you to fill in the blanks. If you drink Indiana wine or spirits, tell us about them. Tell us their stories, tell us why you love them, tell us their news.

OK, so now you have your assignment – help Indiana On Tap help Indiana wineries and distilleries. Just like your high school teacher lied to you that there are no stupid questions, we tell you this – there is no information about a brewery or distillery that we don’t want to know and disseminate. Indiana craft beverages are that good; people need to know about them – and you’re a crucial element for that to happen.

Email me at and give me the low down. If you’re a winery or distillery, I’ve already asked you to send me your news, but here’s another chance for you to get your story out there.


banner image credit: Winzerwald Winery

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