It’s Time to Meet a Legend – Schoonover Straight Bourbon Whiskey from Hard Truth Hill Distilling Co.

It’s Time to Meet a Legend – Schoonover Straight Bourbon Whiskey from Hard Truth Hill Distilling Co.

The Hard Truth Distilling Co. team is excited to introduce a new member of the family.

Schoonover Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a single-barrel, uncut and unfiltered, 14-year-old bourbon bottled by Hard Truth Distilling Co. at barrel proof.
This very rare, hand-selected spirit has a dark amber appearance and offers aromas of corn, vanilla, caramel and toasted nuts. The flavor features a complex blend of caramel, charred oak, corn, and cherry, with a medium finish that reinforces the caramel and oak with an added element of warm spices.

In addition to the original Schoonover Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Hard Truth is also currently offering applewood, hickory, and maple-smoked versions. Each wood adds nuanced flavors and aromas unique unto themselves — subtly turning one spirit into four, unique experiences.

Hard Truth Schoonover Straight Bourbon Whiskey is now available for carryout at Hard Truth HillsBig Woods Restaurant Group locations, and in select retailers — search for a seller near you, HERE.

To read more about this product, visit the new Hard Truth Distillling Co. website.


Explore the Schoonover Variants

Hickory Smoked
 Dark amber
Aroma: Vanilla, crystallized honey, light caramel, dark cherry, tobacco leaf, and leather
Taste: Bright, with elements of apple seed and cognac
Finish: Warm, but mild, with notes of orange candy and black pepper

Maple Smoked
Appearance: Dark amber
Aroma: Candied pecans, butterscotch, fig jam, ripe plum, traditional oak, salted meat, salted caramel and maple candy
Taste: Baking chocolate with subtle smoke and light caramel

Finish: Long, with a light tingle to the upper lip, featuring notes of dried ginger, clove, milk chocolate, and maple candy

Applewood Smoked
Appearance: Dark amber
Aroma: Mild, with notes of dill, light hickory, and toasted almond
Taste: Nougat and ripe Red Haven peach
Finish: Rounded, earthy notes of mint root, almond paste

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