It’s Indiana Statehood Day – Celebrate with a Beer Named Indiana

It’s Indiana Statehood Day – Celebrate with a Beer Named Indiana

by Mark E. Lasbury for Indiana On Tap

December 11, 1816 was a special day in American history, the 19th state of the Union (and the best one) was signed into existence by President James Madison, with Corydon as its capital.

On Sunday, we’ll celebrate the 206th anniversary of Indiana’s statehood, and what better way to celebrate than with a beer…. or four. Go one step further and celebrate Indiana craft on Indiana Statehood Day by having an Indiana beer, mead, cider, or even an Indiana produced wine or spirit. It’s not hard to do, with just about 200 breweries in the state, over 120 wineries, and 40+ artisan distilleries.

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If you want to go even further in your Indiana celebration, look for a beer called “Indiana,” or with “Indiana” in the name. There are several choices, though some of them that Walter and I have tried aren’t available right now. For those beers, breweries should consider making these beers each December for the Indiana anniversary.

Here’s a list of the “Indiana” beers from the Hoosier state and beyond for you to try and to support. Remember – drink local and support local Indiana craft beverage companies. If you choose to use companies outside Indiana, it harms the entire Hoosier craft beverage industry:


image credit: Pax Verum Brewing

Indiana Amber from Oaken Barrel Brewing, you can get one for tomorrow.
Indiana Flyer from Four Day Ray, you can get one for tomorrow at many places, including the Christkindlmarkt.
Indiana Pale Ale from Pax Verum Brewing, you can get one for tomorrow at many places
Indiana Cascade from Pax Verum Brewing, last made in 2020.
Indiana Girl from Danny Boy Beer Works, was last made in 2021.
Indiana Pale Lager by Byway Brewing, last made in 2019.
Indiana SMaSH New American Pilsner from Creatures of Habit Brewing, made early this year.
Indianaversary Wheat Wine by Upland Brewing, last made in 2019 (won an IBC medal).

Amazingly, there are many “Indiana” beers that have been made outside Indiana as well. Walter and I had the Indiana Pale Ale from  Heartland Brewery in NYC several years ago. It’s one of their core beers, so if you hopped in your car now, you could have one tomorrow.

There are “Indiana” beers from across the oceans as well. In Untappd, I found no fewer than a dozen beers simply called “Indiana” from breweries as far away as Japan, Poland, Argentina, Romania, and Belarus. I found three “Indiana” beers from breweries in Brazil, and another three from Spain. Makes you feel proud to be from Indiana doesn’t it?


credit to Walter’s brother Mark for the idea for this story – and he’s a Marylander of all things!


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