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$25 For Every Tasting Society Referral

Refer a friend, family member or craft beer lover to purchase a Tasting Society Marketplace membership. The person you refer receives $10 off their membership. You (instantly) receive $25 cash for each referral. Yeah, it’s that easy. Yeah, it’s that awesome.

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Did we mention it’s super easy and quick to sign up? Just enter your name, email and birthday. That’s it. You’ll then be on your way to making great extra money for simply referring someone to enjoy more Indiana craft beer!

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You’ll have your own unique coupon code to share with friends, family and craft beer fans in any way you’d like. When they use your code to purchase a new membership, they save $10 and you get paid instantly!

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When someone uses your coupon code, you’re paid $25 instantly and automatically! There’s no limit to how many referrals you can make or how much money you can earn. Start earning today!

Referral Club FAQs

What is the Tasting Society Marketplace Referral Club?

The ‘Referral Club’ is a program created by Indiana On Tap that incentivizes current Tasting Society Marketplace members (or even non-members) to refer friends, family and even craft beer fans they meet to join the Tasting Society Marketplace, which is Indiana’s premier craft beer membership and rewards program launched in 2015. Anyone who joins the Referral Club and makes a referral (i.e. someone who purchases a new Tasting Society Marketplace membership using the Referral Club member’s unique Coupon Code) will receive $25 cash.

Is it free for me to participate in the Referral Club?

Absolutely! There’s no cost to participate and no expectations on how many referrals you need to make.

What is the Tasting Society Marketplace?

The Indiana On Tap Tasting Society Marketplace is Indiana’s premier, statewide craft beer membership and rewards program. Launched in 2015, the marketplace consists of 115+ (and growing) statewide breweries and industry-related business who have each created their own, unique offer that’s exclusive to our members. There are currently over 180 offers included in the membership good toward nearly $1,000 in savings. The majority of these e-gift certificate offers can be used towards the purchase of the full cost (or highly discounted price) of flights, pints, growler fills, merchandise and more. The goal is to give Indiana craft beer fans a true incentive to finally visit that brewery or partner across town, across the county, or across the state for the first time. Pretty cool, right?

What’s the cost of an annual Tasting Society membership?

The cost of an annual Membership is only $59.95. Yes, we realize it’s not a lot of money for an opportunity to save $900 or more a year in craft beer, merchandise and more while also having the opportunity to attend private, exclusive events for members only. It’s not a lot of money to ALSO receive our regular, members-only newsletter that includes opportunities to purchase discounted tickets to craft beer festivals or even win or receive free tickets to events all over the state. (We offered thousands of free and discounted tickets to members in our newsletter since 2015. This is all part of the ‘Rewards’ portion of the membership).

Is there a limit to how many referrals I can make?

Nope! There’s no limit. The more referrals, the better! We love to pay you!

How do I receive my $25 referral payments, and how quickly?

Referral payments are received exclusively through PayPal, per the program’s terms and conditions. It’s free for you to join PayPal and to receive money. You should receive referral payments within 1 hour after your referral purchases a new Tasting Society Marketplace membership using your unique, customized Coupon Code. In rare instances, it could take up to 48 hours. If you ever have questions about payment, simply send an email to and we’ll reply right away!

What happens if my referral forgets to use my unique Coupon Code when they purchase a new membership?

Given the nature of this program, we unfortunately cannot pay you a referral fee if your referral does not use your unique Coupon Code when they make their purchase the first time. We’re sorry, but it would be too difficult to manage the program otherwise, as we’re sure you can understand.

Do my referrals have to use my ‘Referral Link’ provided by Referral Rock in order for you to recognize that the referral came from me?

No. While this is a great tool that you should use (since your Referral Rock account makes it so easy for you to share this offer via email and via social media), it’s not required. As long as your unique Coupon Code is used when someone purchases a new membership, that’s all that matters to ensure you get credit. This means you can even just share your Coupon Code (verbally) when referring the Marketplace to someone.

Can you give me a refresh on what the Tasting Society Marketplace is?

Need a refresher on what the Tasting Society Marketplace is and who the partners are? Visit

I can’t remember my login information for my Referral Rock account, what should I do?

You would have received an email immediately after you registered for the Referral Club. Search your email first (search for ‘Referral Rock’). If you still can’t find that email with your login credentials, please send an email to and we’ll send you the information you need.

Refer your friends and start making money.