New Oberpfalz Brewing Is First On The Scene In Griffith

New Oberpfalz Brewing Is First On The Scene In Griffith


By Writing & Reporting Community Member The Beer Scout

If you follow the growing craft beer scene in Indiana, you may have noticed the town of Griffith, Indiana popping up recently. Two craft breweries, New Oberpfalz Brewing and Pokro Brewing, have recently opened in this small town located North of US-30, South of I-80 and just West of I-65. A third, Wildrose Brewing, will open later this spring. I found that the push for opening three breweries in this small town is the town itself, reinventing itself as a craft beer destination. 

New Oberpfalz Brewing is a great way to start. The brewery itself is small, with a really nice bar and seating area for guests to try their selection of craft brews. They do offer a small food menu but at this time New Oberpfalz is mostly about the brews. 

So what did I try while I was there?

  1. Altbier, at 6.2%, Altbier was my favorite. An old style German pale ale is an excellent start. Light and refreshing, I could drink this one at any time, day or night, indoors or outdoors.  A definite must try.  
  2. Smoked Porter, a warming 6.5%, this smoked beer was second on my list. The staff at New Oberfalz will gladly tell you about the mix of German, English and American hops, but I know I just really enjoy the great smoky taste of this Porter.
  3. Submarine Missle I.P.A. is a 6.9% Imperial Pale Ale. I like a good IPA and Submarine fits the bill. Submarine does not quite stand out compared to other famous IPA’s, but it’s still tasty.
  4. Puyallop is a 6.2% Cascadian Dark Black IPA. This was a good Black IPA but not the best I have had.
  5. Kellerbier, a 4.8% Kellerbier, was a good Bavarian lager. I don’t have a lot of experience with Kellerbier, so will I continue to develop my pallet.

For my first trip to New Oberpfalz, I was very happy. I love these small town breweries, and in my opinion this is what makes the craft beer scene so great. Theses breweries are operated by people with a passion for making good beer and sharing that passion with the public. Keep it up New Oberfalz! I look forward to coming back and seeing how things are progressing and checking out more of the Griffith craft beer scene.  

Thanks for checking out Beer Scout Basics.  And remember, when keeping it to the basics, drink what tastes good to YOU!

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