Matthew McConaughey’s Brother Names Son ‘Miller Lyte’

Matthew McConaughey’s Brother Names Son ‘Miller Lyte’

Picture“Rooster” McConaughey

By The Drinks Business

Mike “Rooster” McConaughey, the brother of Matthew McConaughey, discussed his motivations for naming his now nine-year-old son after a beer brand on The Sam Roberts Show, following his appearance in the reality show West Texas Investors Club. 

While his son is now nine-years-old, Miller’s parent company SABMiller heard about his devotion to their beer and decided to send McConaughey a “year’s supply” of his favourite brew, which they considered to be 24 cases – 576 beers total. 

SABMiller, which owns Miller Lite, is currently in talks with AB InBev who have signalled their intent to takeover the company to become the world’s biggest drinks producer.

“The reason I named him Miller Lyte is because everyone said you won’t be able to carry that Miller Lite round with you once you have another kid because it’s a felony”, he said. “And I said, ‘Hey, things work out – I’ll be able to take Miller Lyte to church’.”…Click Here to Read the Full Story at

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