Indy Independent Relief Fund Prepares for Release of Social Distance Pale Ale to Aid Industry Workers

Indy Independent Relief Fund Prepares for Release of Social Distance Pale Ale to Aid Industry Workers

by Mark E. Lasbury for Indiana On Tap

We need to be reminded every few days that some people are being hit harder than others by the current lockdown. Many people are working from home – the major cramp in our style is not being able to go out drinking and a general stir crazy feeling. Unfortunately, many people in service positions have been put out of work; that’s most of the servers, cooks, marketing staff, and even many brewers are on temporary lay off – no money coming in.

A couple of weeks ago we told you about the Indy Independent Relief Fund (link to press release here), a project of partnering entities in and around craft beer, to raise money for beer industry workers who have been sidelined for time being. A benefit beer called Social Distance (American Pale Ale) was brewed at Centerpoint Brewing in late March. It will be canned on April 13 and should be delivered to retailers, breweries, and bars doing carryout/delivery/curbside on April 14-17.

Pre-sale of Social Distance has accounted for almost all 300 cases of the first run. If you or your business is interested in the few remaining cases, contact IIRF through Sean Webster at Monon Beverage Brokers ( or Centerpoint Brewing ( Since the ingredients, labor, and other aspects for the beer and project were donated by Sugar Creek Malt Co., Centerpoint Brewing, Daredevil Brewing, Monon Beverage Brokers, Indy High Bines, Sun King Brewing, Fountain Square Brewing, Indiana Box of The Royal Group, and Indiana On Tap, all proceeds from the sale of cases will be used to support out of worker service employees.

Furthermore, additional ingredients have been donated, including from Crazy Horse Hops in Knightstown and Sugar Creek Malt Co., so that another batch of beer in the Indy Independent Relief Series is already underway at Grand Junction Brewing in Westfield, a pilsner called Essential…. If additional breweries are interested, there are still malt and hops available from those same companies, as long as they agree to donate 80-100% of the proceeds to the IIRF project.

Future benefit beers and other mechanisms for funds are in the works and will turn the IIRF into a series of fundraisers and an ongoing non-profit organization for the aid of beer industry workers in need even after the lockdown is over. Stay tuned for a list of outlets where you can purchase Social Distance, as well as where and how the proceeds will be used to support workers. Remember to tip especially well during this period, as tips will be used to defray some of the losses incurred by beer industry workers. To donate or connect directly with IIRF, see Venmo- @IndyIRF, Facebook- @IndyIRF, or at the website (


About Indy Independent Relief Fund. The Indy Independent Relief Fund was registered as a nonprofit organization on March 19, 2020. Dedicated to “Serve those who serve us” entity to provide assistance for food and alcohol industry workers in both the short-and long-term. Sean Webster of Monon Beverage Brokers is the president of the Fund, and a board of directors is being set up at the present time. The goal of the fund is to continually generate funds through the production and sale of charity beers, which will then be donated to industry workers in need due to health, financial, or personal reasons.

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