10 Instagram Accounts for Any and Every Craft Beer Fan

10 Instagram Accounts for Any and Every Craft Beer Fan

zacBy Zac Chaffee for Indiana On Tap

With social media still very much on the rise, there is no question that Instagram and Snapchat are 2 of the more noticeable trends everyone seems to be taking a hold on. Myself being a more visually in-tuned person, I tend to prefer the social apps like Instagram and Snapchat that will catch my eye, rather than just reading about it on Twitter or Facebook.

Instagram is the mecca of visually enticing apps where everyday folks like you and me can go to to post a picture of literally anything and make it a work of art. This also holds true to the Beer world of Instagram. For those who need to spice up their Instagram followers with some regularly updated pictured and reviews on great beer, I have created a list of 10 accounts that are right up your alley.

  1. @Drinkingcraft a page from a local Hoosier who takes his brand everywhere as he visits both local and national breweries.
  1. @craft.beer.timstagram just a regular guy from Indiana who takes you on a trail through his favorite craft beers. Some are well known, some are extremely rare.
  1. @beerliveshere craft beer page where great craft brews are paired with every day items designed to show the unique traits of each drink. All shot with a Galaxy S7.
  1. @goodbeerhunting a sound craft beer site dedicated to launching unique craft beer brands that also features a podcast as well as awesome reviews.

5. @thebottletrade the exclusive instagram page for everything that goes along with bottle trading.

  1. @craft_bastards these guys do a great job reviewing craft beer designed so that the average man cam read and enjoy.
  1. @indianacraft craft beer page designed around great indiana craft beer reviews. This page is useful when you need to find a solid review of a beer around the corner or on the opposite end of the state.
  1. @craft_not_crap beer reviews centered around honesty and good judgement. Also some great shots of some extremely rare beews.
  1. @beerofthedaysite excellent beer page which features a different beer every day. Comes along with some equally excellent reviews.
  1. @indianaontap how could I forget our very own page? Catch up with everything on tap from beer fests to limited releases.


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