Scarlet Lane Brewing Company Announces Year-Round Australian Sparkling Ale 6-packs

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Scarlet Lane Brewing Company Announces year-round Australian Sparkling Ale 6-packs

McCordsville, IN – Scarlet Lane Brewing has launched its first 12oz 6-packs for distribution with Laughing Water Australian Sparkling Ale. Six packs will be available on store shelves starting the week of March 20th as a year-round package option.

Laughing Water is a true-to-style Australian Sparkling Ale, a rare style of beer originating in Australia in the 1800’s. The beer uses Australian yeast, hops and malts to create a clean and easy drinking profile for all seasons.

The Australian Sparkling Ale style prides itself on all ingredients working together to create a balanced beer that marries hops, yeast and malts without one overpowering the other. With a lower ABV, Laughing Water drinks similar to a flavorful pilsner and offers a unique ale style for the Indiana craft beer package and draft options.

“The Australian Sparkling Ale almost went extinct at one point. When I spent time in Australia during college I was introduced to the Sparkling Ale and fell in love with it. I am really excited that Indiana has taken a liking to this style of beer and am even more excited to be able to offer it to more people through our 12oz 6-packs.” Eilise Lane, CEO/Head Brewer

You can check the Scarlet Lane package locations HERE.


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