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Love craft beer? Love talking about it? Come write for us! Indiana On Tap is creating a new online community of writers and reporters and is now accepting submissions. Have an interesting idea for an editorial or feature story? Have some breaking news you’d like to share with our audience about your favorite beer or brewery? Go ahead and send it to us for review and publication or share your idea with us first–we’ll be happy to give you some direction or even connect you with some of our industry contacts for interviews, references or fact checking.


Indiana On Tap does not make publishing guarantees for any submissions. What we can guarantee is that one of our seasoned Copy Editors will take the time to read your submission in its entirety. If it’s not up to our standards, we’ll let you know what needs to be changed so that you’ll have on opportunity to rewrite and resubmit. Once approved, we’ll publish it based on our content schedule and will inform you once it’s live.

Send all news or stories to: submissions@indianaontap.com.

By sending news or stories to this email, you’re confirming that you’ve READ AND AGREED to Indiana On Tap’s TERMS AND CONDITIONS.


Glad you asked.

1. Join Indiana’s largest and fastest-growing craft beer community and let your voice be heard!
With over 119,000 page views per month and growing, it’s a great opportunity to let your voice be heard and/or to showcase your writing chops. We’ll even include your headshot with each story (if you’d like) so that our audience can put a face to a name. Not a great writer? Don’t worry–our Copy Editors will proof and edit all stories to make them polished and publication-ready. We’ll also coach you on ways to improve your writing to make your next story even better!

2. Tap Into a Ready-Made Audience
As already mentioned, with over 119,000 page views per month and growing, you won’t have to build an audience from scratch. Our grassroots readership can be a great foundation to build your own following of fans.

3. An Opportunity for Creative Freedom
Other media outlets define the content their writers can write about. Not here. We don’t care how diverse or obscure your interests or opinions are when it comes to craft beer–especially here within the Hoosier state. Have something controversial to say? That’s fine. You have the voice–we have the platform. If something is interesting or important for you to write about–we bet it’s interesting for our audience to read.
Our Copy Editors will make stylistic changes or suggestions for the sake of clarity, but we’ll never alter your message or your opinion. You will always have final say over the content and presentation of your work if we do make or recommend changes.

4. Get Introduced to One of Indiana’s Most Exciting and Fastest Growing Industries
According to the Brewer’s Association, Indiana craft beer has a current economic impact of $609 million. With over 94 functioning breweries and 50+ more expected to open within the next 12-24 months, the industry shows no signs of slowing and is still considered by many to be in its early stages. Now is the best time to join this industry and Indiana On Tap is the perfect platform.

5. You’ll Have an Opportunity to Attend and Report on Many of Indiana’s Craft Beer Events…For Free
Indiana On Tap is invited to hundreds of craft beer events around the state (and nation) throughout the year. We’re always looking for community writers and reporters to attend and report on these events for us (for free). Think we’re joking? We’re not.

Are you ready? Great. We are too. Send your news, stories or questions to submissions@indianaontap.com.

By sending news or stories to this email, you’re confirming that you’ve READ AND AGREED to Indiana On Tap’s TERMS AND CONDITIONS.