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Tasting Society Marketplace Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the Tasting Society Marketplace?

The Indiana On Tap Tasting Society Marketplace is Indiana’s premier, statewide craft beer membership and rewards program. Launched in mid-2015, the marketplace consists of approximately 125 (and growing) statewide breweries and industry-related business who have each created their own, unique offer that’s exclusive to our members. There are currently over 215 offers included in the membership good toward over $1,000+ in savings. The majority of these e-gift certificate offers can be used towards the purchase of the full cost (or highly discounted price) of flights, pints, growler fills, merchandise and more. The goal is to give you, the craft beer fan, a true incentive to finally visit that brewery or business across town, across the county, or across the state for the first time. Pretty cool, right? 

Q: How Does it Work? 
It’s simple. Once you purchase your annual membership, you will receive two immediate emails. One email will confirm your purchase (with receipt), the other will verify the creation of your account on IndianaOnTap.com. These will be followed by a separate, 3rd email you will receive within 48 business hours after your purchase with your personal membership number and instructions on how to download our free app, activate your account, and access your customized e-gift certificates. You’ll receive a unique e-gift certificate for each participating marketplace partner offer.

Q. What’s the Cost of an Annual Membership?
The cost of an Annual Membership is only $59.95.  Yes, we realize it’s not a lot of money for an opportunity to save over $1,000 or more a year in craft beer, merchandise and more while also having the opportunity to attend private, exclusive events for members only (more on that later). It’s also not a lot of money to receive our monthly, members-only emails that regularly include opportunities to purchase discounted tickets to craft beer festivals or even win free tickets to events all over the state. (We plan to give away over 750 free tickets to events in 2017 alone).

Q: How Do I Redeem an e-Gift Certificate?
Redeeming your e-gift certificates is EASY! Once you receive the email after your membership purchase with your personal membership number, simply download the free app, activate your account, and begin planning your Marketplace Partner visits.  When you’re ready to redeem an offer, simply find the offer on your app and share it with your server. He or she will enter an authorization code to complete the redemption. Remember, each gift certificate is valid for one year and can only be used once. You won’t have an option to redeem the same offer more than once (per year).

Q: Are the Offers for Each Brewery or Marketplace Partner the Same?
No…and that’s the best part. Each brewery or marketplace offer is unique and was determined by the marketplace partners themselves.  Variety is a good thing, right? All of the unique marketplace offers can be found on our Tasting Society Marketplace Page

Q: How Long Does My Membership Last?
As mentioned, your membership will last exactly 1 year from your date of purchase. The app will show you how long you have to redeem each offer. 

Q: Can a Friend or Family Member Use My Membership Card or My Gift Certificates?
No, sorry. Your customized e-gift certificates will each have your name on it. Marketplace partners will only be allowed to redeem offers for members only.  But hey, you should definitely bring a friend or family member with you when you visit so that you can share! Or better yet, just purchase a membership for them—what a great gift idea! You can purchase memberships HERE

Q: So I Can I Purchase a Membership as a Gift for Someone Else?
Yes–and what a great idea! Purchasing as a gift is easy. On the final checkout page, simply enter the intended member’s name and email address in the “Order Notes” section. We’ll handle it from there. If we have any questions or if it’s not clear, we’ll email you.  

Q: Do I Need to Use the e-Gift Certificates for any Non-Beer Offers?
Yes. But it’s soooooo easy! You’ll redeem the non-beer offers found in the app the exact same way as all other offers.

Q: Will You Be Adding New Partners to the Marketplace?
You bet. We expect to be adding new partners with new offers regularly. Each year, when your membership auto-renews, you will receive a new set of e-gift certificates (automatically loaded into your account in the app) with ALL of the current offers in the marketplace, even if if was an offer you redeemed in the previous year. So, for example, let’s say there’s 180 offers on the day your membership begins. If 75 new offers are added in the next year, you’ll have 255 total offers available to use AGAIN when your membership auto-renews.

Q: If a New Partner is Added to the Marketplace After I Join, Will I be Eligible for Their Offers as Well?
Yes! Whenver new partners and offers are added to the Marketplace, those offers become available to you in the mobile app immediately. There’s nothing special you need to do to access these new offers–they will simply show up (in your app) in real time once added. And remember, when your membership auto-renews, ALL of the offers (whether you redeemed them or not) will be immediately available for you to redeem AGAIN over the course of the next year of your membership.

Q: So This is an Annual Subscription? What Exactly Does That Mean?
Exactly a year after launching the program, we made the decision to make the membership an annual auto-subscription–meaning, it will renew automatically each year on your membership anniversary. We made this decision based entirely off of feedback from our active members. This is what they wanted and what they think is best for the program. Here’s the best part: We’ll continue to add a LOT more partners to the marketplace every year, BUT YOUR ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP RETAIL PRICE OF ($59.95) WILL ALWAYS REMAIN THE SAME! We’ll never charge you more. Basically, this means that each time your membership renews, you’ll get ALL the same great offers you received and enjoyed during the previous year, PLUS all of the new offers added after you joined AGAIN. 

Q: What If I Don’t Want to Renew My Membership? Can I Cancel It?
Yes! You’ll find that Indiana On Tap takes pride in being easy to do business with! If you don’t want to auto-renew your membership for any reason, you can cancel it PENALTY-FREE. Cancelling your membership is easy. Simply send an email requesting the cancellation to info@indianaontap.com. Please note: You must cancel your membership 30 days prior to the next renewal date. So, if your membership is set to expire on June 15th, you’d need to contact us anytime between May 15th – June 15th to let us know. Please know that you’ll also receive an email reminder from us before your membership is set to auto-renew either 3 – 7 days before your membership renews. This is usually a great time to make the decision (and let us know) if you don’t want the membership to auto-renew. We’ll confirm the cancellation with you.

Q: Did Indiana On Tap Just Create the Coolest Craft Beer Membership and Rewards Program Ever?
Yes–that’s what people are telling us…but hey, we want you to judge for yourself. What are you waiting for? Purchase your membership now and start enjoying the best Indiana has on Tap! (See what we just did there?)