World-Wide Science Festival Taking Place at Three Indianapolis Breweries Next Week

World-Wide Science Festival Taking Place at Three Indianapolis Breweries Next Week


By Mathew Muncy

Science is a fascinating subject, but learning more about the field can be difficult outside of a formal environment. Pint of Science is an organization trying to change that by offering science talks in breweries across the world. Those talks have now made their way to Indiana.

Central Indiana Science Outreach (CINSO) has partnered with Pint of Science to bring science into Central Indiana breweries. Over the course of three days, May 23-25, eight events will take place at three separate breweries. Those breweries will be Black Acre, Bier Brewery, and Indiana City.

“Just after the Pint of Science festival last year, one of our members, Jessica Pellman, heard about the festival on Twitter and contacted the US organizers about partnering to bring Pint of Science to Indianapolis,” said Melanie Fox, CINSO Founder and Pint of Science City Coordinator. “Our two organizations’ missions lined up so well, so we were both very excited to work together.”

Pint of Science brings science discussions to informal environments. By holding them in breweries, it makes them accessible to the general public and opens them up to people who might not attend them otherwise.

“We want to do those type of events where they are very informal; the science is meant to be very accessible to the general public,” Pint of Science Graphic Designer and Publicist, and CINSO Board Member, Russell Balliet told me. “There is no better way to do that than over beer and so that is why this event is so perfect. We can bring really cool science that’s done here in Indianapolis to the general public and make it accessible and informal in a 30 minute talk.”


Scientists from around the state will give the talks at each event. The events will host one or two talks each night, followed by a form of entertainment like trivia or a burlesque show. Each of the talks will revolve around specific subjects that Pint of Science has suggested. This year, the topics are Beautiful Mind, Atoms to Galaxies, Our Body, Planet Earth, Tech Me Out, and Our Society.

Specific talks include The Need for Nature, How Sex Ed Works, Build Your Own Gesture Robot, and What Skeletons Tell Us About the City of Herculaneum.

When asked how the breweries were selected for this unique three-night event, Balliet told me it was a mixture of places they enjoyed going to and venues large enough to hold 40 to 50 people. 

“We want the talks to be intimate. The whole idea is to have it be more of a discussion, so that way it’s not like you are sitting in Biology 100 back in college and having someone talk at you.”

As of writing, Indiana City had roughly 20 tickets available for each of their events next week. Black Acre – events will be held at their production facility – has around 20 tickets for their Monday and Tuesday events, but 43 for their Wednesday event. And Bier, who is not holding an event on Monday, has 28 tickets left for their Tuesday event and are sold out for Wednesday. 

For more information and to grab your tickets, visit the Pint of Science event page. Pint of Science is also looking for volunteers. Please visit their signup page for more information. You can also visit CINSO’s website to learn more about the other events they put on throughout the year.

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