Wooden Bear Brewing Hosts IV Recuperation Party on New Year’s Day

Wooden Bear Brewing Hosts IV Recuperation Party on New Year’s Day

by Mark E. Lasbury for Indiana On Tap

New Year’s Eve is lots of fun, and it usually revolves some amount of drinking. New Year’s Day, on the other hand, involves a lot swearing you’ll never do it again and hoping for either a miracle or sweet death to relieve your hangover. Well, this year there’ll be a new way to combat the regret.

I was enjoying the Barrel Aged Old Ale at Wooden Bear Brewing in Greenfield a couple of weeks ago when in walked Laurie from New Youth Aesthetics and Med Spa in Greenfield. She and Jay Euneman, the general manager, starting talking about an idea that she had for New Year’s Day. Did he think people would be interested in the opportunity to get a hangover recovery IV at Wooden Bear while they watched the football?

Laurie told me, “J and I met at a ‘Greenfield Main Street’ small business meeting and discussed collaboration sometime last year. We were kidding around and I jokingly said, ‘Hey! We have hangover IV therapy at my place!’ From that point it just sounded like a no brainer. I’ve been in the clinic for the last two years on New Year’s Day providing hangover IV therapy but I think that it will be fun to do something different this year. Meeting the client at a place that is convenient for them and doesn’t interfere with their New Year’s Day plan will likely be helpful to both the Wooden Bear and New Youth.”

First things first – Laurie is a nurse and has been at New Youth for years. She’s started IVs like these for literally thousands of people since the mid-1990s. Therefore, doing it at Wooden Bear is perfectly legit and legal.

Offers: $4 Toward the Purchase of a Flight of Four (4), Five Ounce (5oz) Samples | 10% Off Merchandise.Second of all, the idea of doing IVs for recovery is not new. Alcohol mediates several physiologic changes in the body, and one of those is kidney function. Alcohol is basically a diuretic and leaves a person dehydrated. Using IVs to combat dehydration is more than a hundred years old, and IVs themselves have been around since 1492. By the 1960s, IVs were being used to deliver need nutrients and minerals in addition to just salts and fluid. Dr. Myers, who developed this idea will be referred to again later in this article.

IVs for fluids are used in surgical recovery rooms all the time, and with athletes recovering from dehydration during activity or when sick with the flu or other. It allows them to perform, even when not at their best. That sounds like something that might be good for a hangover.

Thirdly, a guy in Las Vegas started a mobile IV company in 2012 called Hangover Heaven to help revelers deal with what they did the night before. He called it veisalgia therapy, in which veisalgia is the clinical term for hangover. It comes from the Norwegian word “kveis” for “uneasiness following debauchery” and “algia, Greek for “pain.”

Nowadays there are dozens of companies that deal with hangover recovery via IV (The IV Doc, The Hangover Club, etc.). Therefore, what New Youth is doing is not odd nor is it novel. What is novel is bringing the IVs to a craft brewery on New Years Day. And from the response, it looks like it was a good idea.

You can make a reservation for New Year’s Day by calling Laurie at 317-379-2018 or just see what it’s all about. Of course, you don’t have to make a reservation, but if you just show up at Wooden Bear in bad shape, it’s likely you’ll have to wait a while. Luckily, Wooden Bear will have football on all the TVs, all their great beers, and in house Greek’s pizza for you to help make the wait more manageable.

What’s even better, the prices for New Year’ Day are 15% lower than for any other time. And if you bring a friend, you will have a chance to win a membership at New Youth, so you’ll look and feel your best all the time.

What can you choose from on New Year’s Day? There is the hangover IV, for just your regular, run of the mill veisalgia. But Laurie will also have the major hangover IV, which would be better for the “Please Lord, take me now,” kind of hangover. Laurie told me, “The Hangover infusion helps with nausea, vomiting, headache, fatigue, dehydration, dizziness and other symptoms associated with  hangover. The Major Hangover infusion helps resolve nausea, vomiting, headache, fatigue, dehydration, dizziness, boosts the immune system, repairs cells, helps detoxify the body, hydrates the skin and repletes vital vitamins. It has antioxidants and B vitamins, as well as things for immune system, skin, and and cellular repair  that the hangover infusion doesn’t have and has more of everything else.”

No – this is not what will be happening on New Year’s Day at Wooden Bear. image credit: coolthings.com

There is also the Myer’s Cocktail, which is a reference to the 1960s physician we mentioned above. Dr. Myers originally developed the IV to help patients with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and spasms, but it has been adopted by many as a general recipe for good health. It contains vitamins C and the B complex, as well as minerals like calcium, magnesium and zinc. There is glutathione for its antioxidant properties, as well as salts for good neural function.

I have to tell you, until Laurie and Jay’s conversation at Wooden Bear, I would never have thought of IVs being used outside of treatment in a doctor’s office or hospital, and not in specific reference to disease treatment, but the New Year’s Day event at Wooden Bear has given me a new perspective.

I don’t really drink to the point of needing an IV, but I can see where it might help those who have call for it. If you plan on being in need, or if you just want some vitamins and minerals to buck up you up as you enter 2022, give Laurie a call and go enjoy some football, pizza, and beer. After all, we have no idea what 2022 may have in store for us – you might need the head start.

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