Wedding Season: 5 Beers Every Open Bar Wedding Should Have

Wedding Season: 5 Beers Every Open Bar Wedding Should Have


By Steve Williams

​It’s getting warmer in Indiana and summer is quickly approaching. That signals the start of two things: craft beer festivals and wedding season. 

I’ve already been to one of each this spring. As much as I’d love a wedding with a craft beer festival as a reception, I would happily settle for a few options that are not a macro light beer. 

As a state, and really as a nation, we’ve grown out of Macro beer of the last five years. We have over 100 breweries in Indiana, and you can find people from all generations at your local breweries and festivals, enjoying craft beer. So, if we can’t have a craft beer festival as a wedding reception, let’s at least appease everyone, including the craft beer lover, and serve these five beers:

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1. Bell’s Brewery - Oberon Ale 
Ok, this one isn’t from Indiana, but Michigan is our neighbor, but we should be neighborly and invite them to our party. In the craft beer world, Oberon marks the coming of warmer weather and summer, so it’s only fitting that it ushers in Wedding Season as well.

Plus, it was my gateway to craft beer. And you can have the bartenders add an orange slice, and the macro drinkers will find it’s similar to Blue Moon.

2. Sun King Brewing - Sunlight Cream Ale 
You can find this beer almost everywhere in Indiana that sells beer. It’s available at Lucas Oil Stadium for Colts games and Banker’s Life Fieldhouse for Pacers games. It’s quickly becoming one of the most approachable beers for anyone that is slowly working their way into craft beer. If you are typically a macro beer drinker, then you can probably get by with this and be happy.

3. Three Floyds Brewing - Zombie Dust
Every party needs a good pale ale, and this one will catch the attention of most craft beer drinkers. It is a great beer and will surely satisfy the hop heads at your party. It’s difficult to find unless you go to the brewery, so your guests will appreciate the effort you put in to make the day memorable for them as well.
Let’s pause for a second to reflect on the three beers above. You have a solid selection of beer, with a ton of name recognition, and beers that should satisfy a majority of your reception guests. So, with the last two beers, you can offer beers that are a little more unique and cover the remainder of your guest’s desires.

4. Taxman Brewing - Deduction 
An excellent Belgian Dubbel made in Bargersville, Indiana. I’m being a little selfish with this one since I love Belgian beers and pretty much everything Taxman brews. However, Belgian beers are typically very approachable—they are dry, somewhat hoppy, a little fruity, and finish sweet. They basically cover everything you could want in a beer.

5. Quaff ON! Brewing - Common Necessity on Nitro 
Enough with the “light” beers. It isn’t a party unless we have a rich, thick, creamy stout. And Common Necessity, a milk stout with hints of coffee, fits perfectly, especially on nitro.

Ok, that’s the open bar portion. There will inevitably be a series of speeches and toasts. And for that, I recommend we place one bomber of Bier Brewery Sanitarium on each table. It recently won a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival AND The Brewers Association 2016 World Beer Cup!

So, that’s the five beers I’d like to see at the open bar weddings I attend. Did I miss one? Do you disagree? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Chris
    Posted at 09:34h, 30 May Reply

    I know Zombie Dust is so special, but I would trade that out for Upland Helios. A great underrated pale ale that at around 5% is a better session option than the 6.4% Zombie Dust. And, you don’t have to go completely out of your way to get it.

  • James
    Posted at 15:45h, 30 May Reply

    Good luck getting enough Zombie Dust for a wedding reception, especially around Indy. While an excellent beer (one of my favorites), it’s hard to come by.
    I think for a reception, another good option would be Sun King’s Osiris. It’s a decent pale, readily available, and if you’re already getting Cream Ale, maybe you’ll get a volume discount!

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