Upland Partners with Remarkable Liquids for Sours Distribution in New York

Upland Partners with Remarkable Liquids for Sours Distribution in New York

Bloomington, Indiana—Upland Brewing Co. is bringing wood-aged sour ales to New York this spring with launch events the final week of February. Upland began brewing traditional wood-aged sours in 2006 and will soon celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Wood Shop Sour Ale Brewery, a facility focused on innovation and exploration. Upland and distributor Remarkable Liquids have partnered to bring these beers to one of the largest craft beer markets in the country.

“Selling our wood-aged sours in New York is a big accomplishment for the brewery. Over a decade of hard work has gone into growing our program and launching this market is an exciting payoff for those efforts,” said Dusty Howe, Upland Sour Beer Brand Manager.

Howe and Spencer Noakes from Remarkable Liquids first met at the Craft Brewer’s Conference last year in Philadelphia, PA. “We partnered with the team at Remarkable Liquids because they are truly building something special. Their collective distribution experience, along with a dedicated team of employees, make them the perfect extension of our brewery in New York.”

“Remarkable Liquids is committed to working with only the world’s greatest suppliers, introducing to New York only the most innovative, sometimes sublime, and always wonderful fermented beverages. At a time when people are experimenting, educating themselves, and falling in love with sour beers, we think Upland is an absolute must along that journey. The breadth and quality of what is coming out of their Wood Shop Brewery is second to none,” said Spencer Noakes, Remarkable Liquids General Manager.

The first Upland sour ales to make their way to New York are Peach, Iridescent, and Revive, along with a limited number of small batch beers for the launch. Peach is one of Upland’s most sought-after whole-fruited ales, using local peaches—7000 lbs. to be exact—with a half pound going into each bottle. Iridescent and Revive are the results of small-batch experiments to find unique flavor combinations—dried apricot and ginger for Iridescent, pineapple and chamomile for Revive.

Peach can be found in 750ml bottles and Iridescent and Revive in 500ml bottles in select bottle shops and on draught in beer-focused bars and restaurants, including Torst and Proletariat. Special launch events are planned for the week of February 27.

About Upland Brewing Co.
Located in Bloomington, Indiana, Upland Brewing Co. has an intriguing brewing story that dates back to 1998. Our mission is to brew remarkable beers in remarkable ways, staying true to the artisan, progressive spirit found in our part of the Midwest. Upland is currently the third largest brewery in Indiana and brews more than 50 different styles of beer annually.

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