Upland Brewing Co. Announces Relaunching of Iconic Champagne Velvet Brand

Upland Brewing Co. Announces Relaunching of Iconic Champagne Velvet Brand


By Adam T. Schick for Indiana On Tap

In an release set for this morning, Upland Brewing Company will announce the complete relaunch of their celebrated Champagne Velvet brand as well as widened distribution for the historic beer.

Partnering with the Indianapolis advertising firm Young & Laramore, the rebranding is intended to more celebrate the pre-Prohibition beer’s iconic heritage.

Upland’s communications manager Emily Hines notes that the close relationship between the brewery and the firm has helped revamp this iconic beer’s image.

“For Upland, working with Y&L is always a dynamic collaboration. With Champagne Velvet, they were able to help us pay tribute to this Indiana legacy in a beautiful and modern way that nods to its heritage.”

Champagne Velvet, a German-inspired lager, was first brewed back in 1902 by the original Terre Haute Brewing Co. as one of their flagship beers. After the late 1950s, the beer fell out of circulation and the Champagne Velvet recipe was thought to be lost, until Upland was able to track down segments of the original recipe and piece it together in its original form. 


Upland began brewing and distributing Champagne Velvet in 2013 in conjunction with the brewery’s 15th anniversary.​

“Champagne Velvet is an icon of Indiana brewing with a ton of history, so we wanted to embrace that with the rebrand,” said Doug Dayhoff, Upland’s President to Young & Laramore. “The label art comes from the CV’s heyday in the 1940s and 50s and communicates what the beer is all about: a classic, well-made American pilsener that’s a big step up from industrial lagers. You don’t have to overthink it — it’s a great beer for good times.”

Along with the rebranding, Upland has announced that Champagne Velvet will join its year-round stable of beers and will receive the same distribution as its celebrated Wheat, Dragonfly and more. 

You can find Champagne Velvet in its new packaging at local stores and bottle shops now. 

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