Upland Brewing Announces Crimson and Prim Sour Ales Release for the Holidays

Upland Brewing Announces Crimson and Prim Sour Ales Release for the Holidays


BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA—Upland Brewing Co. closes out 2017 with two sour ale releases that will make upcoming holiday meals more merry, bright, and flavorful. Crimson and Prim will be available in all of Upland’s distribution areas by mid-November, including new markets Texas, Michigan, South Carolina, and Oklahoma. Both beers can be found in 500ml bottles.

“The holiday season largely revolves around food with family and friends, and we wanted to brew beers that we want to bring to the table, and that’s why we’re releasing Crimson and Prim,” said Dusty Howe, Upland’s National Sales Manager. “Both accentuate flavors in a variety of dishes, from grazing appetizers to savory and decadent desserts.”

Crimson, formerly released as Malefactor, is an American take on a Belgian Flanders-style Red Ale. Upland’s twist on this classic brewing style is aging the beer in previously used bourbon barrels, which contributes to a slightly higher ABV than most Upland sours, clocking in at 11.2%.

Flanders red ales have a palate-refreshing quality that accentuates everything from the salad course to dessert. A mixed green salad topped with cranberries, walnuts and vinaigrette complements the beer’s tartness, while a dark chocolate lava cake will accentuate the beer’s vinous sweetness.

Crimson pours a dark copper beer with hues of red and amber. Long fermentation reveals aromas of plum, red wine and cherry. The bourbon barrels add subtle notes of charred dark oak to this medium-bodied sour ale. Crimson finishes dry with notes of tanginess.

Prim’s name comes from the blending of the fruits and spices used in this sour ale, plum and cardamom. After aging in wine barrels for four to six months on their blonde base ale, Basis, Prim is tart, fruity and herbaceous with aromas of plum, cardamom and fresh fruit flavors. At a pop-up pairing dinner in Chicago earlier this year, Prim was a guest favorite, pairing well with rich recipes, like the roasted duck with plum sauce.

Take your holiday dinners up a notch with perfect pairings of wood-aged sours. Whether you’re hosting or want to gift something more memorable than a bottle of red or white, these ales are sure to complement any menu and be a focal point of your table decor. Find Crimson and Prim at select bottle shops, liquor stores, and all Upland locations.

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