Trubble Brewing Hosts “Man Verus” Type Contest March 16-17

Trubble Brewing Hosts “Man Verus” Type Contest March 16-17


Challenging fans to finish off a giant version of their signature dish, the Dad Bod

The “every day” Dad Bod. Multiply this by about twelve for the competition version. Image credit: trip advisor Joshua S.

Fort Wayne, 03/07/19: The trouble makers of the Fort Wayne brewery scene, Trubble Brewing, are hosting a contest centered around their fan-favorite dish, the Dad Bod. On St. Patrick’s Day weekend, Trubble challenges men & women aged 21 and over to finish off a super-sized version of their smothered fries for fame and a little fun money.

The daddy-of-all-Dad Bods will boast four pounds of French fries, a pound of Trubble Brewing’s beer cheese sauce, a half pound of bacon and a half dozen fried eggs topped with a smattering of green onion. The contestant who is the first to finish off the giant Dad Bod plus a 23 ounce beer will win a $100 gift card. Every finisher will go home with a Trubble Brewing pint glass, a $5 gift card and bragging rights on the Hot Dad Bod Wall of Fame.

The action will kick off at 9pm on March 16th at Trubble Brewing on 2725 Broadway. It’s free to watch and cheer, but if you want to put your bod to the test, a $35 registration is required, which covers the cost of the big daddy Dad Bod and a 23 ounce beer. Registration ends 24 hours prior to start time, to give Trubble Brewing time to make one last bacon run. Visit Trubble Brewing’s Facebook page for more information. Those wishing to register can call 260-267-6082 or stop in to Trubble at 2725 Broadway.

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