Tin Man Brewing Kokomo Celebrates Star Wars May the 4th and Cinco de Mayo in One Weekend

Tin Man Brewing Kokomo Celebrates Star Wars May the 4th and Cinco de Mayo in One Weekend

by Mark E. Lasbury for Indiana On Tap

I love the introduction to Tin Man Kokomo Brewing’s event page for their May the Fourth Party……”help us Kokomo, you’re our only hope.” I was instantly transported back to 1977; probably before most of you were born.

Saturday, May the 4th, will be a tribute to all things Star Wars at Tin Man Kokomo Brewing, starting with a Star Wars themed spelling bee at 2pm. Just as a hint, Qui-Gon Jinn is spelled with two “Ns” not the traditional one only…. and while everyone knows that Tatooine has two “Os,” fewer people know that Alderaan has a double ”A.” I guess that when you’re in doubt, go for a double letter.

Bone up on your characters and planets and register for the spelling bee via Facebook Messenger to Tin man Kokomo or in the taproom (only sixteen slots are available). Registered participants will get a list of possible words 48 hours before the bee, so you can suck at spelling and excel at memorizing and still do well. Check out the Tin Man Kokomo Facebook events page for more rules.

image credit: the seat fillers

Nevertheless, the spelling bee is just where the day begins for Tin Man; by the way, has anyone noticed how much the Tin Man for Tin Man Brewing looks like C3PO? The prizes for the spelling bee are on the Facebook event page, but there’s an easier way to be a winner… enter the raffle. Prizes for that will be drawn during the afternoon and evening, with a bunch of Tin Man Kokomo swag and Star Wars themed objet d’art (courtesy of Comics Cubed Kokomo). One prize for the raffle is a free tattoo that renowned tattoo artist Matthew Davidson from The Bohemian Tattoo Club is donating. This is in the form of a $300 gift certificate for one lucky winner to use towards any tattoo!

The prizes are great, but even better is that all the raffle money and 15% of all taproom sales from 2pm – 7pm will be donated to the renovation of the Carver Center Kitchen via Leadership Kokomo. You will be a Jedi knight for Ashla (the light side) by participating in the raffle and will gain humility when you don’t manage to win anything. Yoda proud of you he will be when you don’t cry in public.

image credit: Tin Man Brewing Kokomo

Star Wars trivia will start at 4pm, with a limit of four people per team – four should be enough if you know your stuff. The first prize for the trivia will be a $50 Fandango card, so your team will be able to see the new Star Wars movie in December for free – or maybe you’ll blow it now on Avengers: Endgame. There will also be prize for the runner up team and the team with the best name. No need to register, this is a “show up and your in” kind of game.

This is all nice, but let’s not forget that this is a brewery and most of us will be there to drink Jack’s beer. The new hibiscus sour will be on tap, as well as the core Tin Man Kokomo beers that we love. What’s more, the Tin Choppo Mexican Lager will be pouring, getting us ready for the Cinco de Mayo Party the next day (Sunday, the 5th….surprise). Though the Tin Choppo will have already been on tap, Cinco de Mayo will be the official coming out party for this beer.

The logo for Tin Choppo is spectacular, a product of Kevin Krull. Even though Tin Choppo is a draft only beer, look for the logo to show up on stickers and other merchandise either by May 5th or soon thereafter. I’m looking for a can glass and a T-shirt, but that’s just a desire, not a demand of any sort……. No demand at all Amanda…… just a hope…….

Lots of beers will be on special on Cinco de Mayo, including the Tin Choppo, but while the details for May the 4th have been worked out, the activities and specials for Cinco de Mayo are still being worked out. Who cares – it’s a reason to show up at Tin Man Kokomo and drink great beer for an entire weekend.

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