This Week On Tap: Against The Grain’s Citra Ass Down

This Week On Tap: Against The Grain’s Citra Ass Down


By Cory Huffman for Indiana On Tap

I’m absolutely fine admitting that the whole “YOLO” mantra evolved after my youthful prime. Never once during my 20’s did I get to embrace that whole thing. I’m ok with that. I’m admitting to a gap in generations. I’m getting older. There. I’m moving on now.

While the club was going up on Tuesday, I sat at home binging on episodes of Lost. My fiancé will adamantly tell you that I am obsessed now. I’m ok with that. However, in the midst of a mind bending season 4 episode I decided to pop open a can of Against the Grain’s Citra Ass Down, Double India Pale Ale.

ATG recently began distributing to Indiana and Indianapolis, which is a great thing for Hoosier beer fans. I’ll admit, I never really thought about that before because I could always just walk across the Big Four Bridge to Against the Grain and drink it whenever I wanted (Selfish I know, but that’s acceptable since I’m not part of the YOLO generation). But it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that they began canning their beers out of their new canning facility in the west Louisville neighborhood of Portland (think Irvington-esque)

Against The Grain Brewery & Smokehouse is located in the southeast corner of Louisville Slugger Field at the corner of Jackson and Main Street. It is a former train station that features beautifully ornate industrial architecture, lending to the beauty of the dining room and brewhouse. Inside (and this is why the brewery is super cool in my opinion), you will find one of the nation’s only operational, Victorian styled and 3 story ‘showpiece’ brewhouses. The copper clad 15 barrel brewhouse is complimented by eclectic pieces of art produced by Louisvillian artists. Recently the brewery was featured on an episode of Bew Dogs where they brewed a mint julip beer.


In other words Hoosiers, it’s worth a visit next time you’re down this way.

Back to the beer that you will most assuredly want to get your hands on. Upon popping open the can, I was immediately hit with an intense nose of Citra hops and it was pleasantly inviting. I poured the beer into a tulip glass, where the hop aroma slightly dissipated as the golden amber liquid settled with a nice foam head.

As you might expect, this beer was delicious. It’s almost deceiving when you remember that it’s a double. It drinks smooth. The hops up front are “sticky” and then finishes nicely with a strong hop kick on the back of the tongue. Citra Ass Down is dangerously drinkable but packs a punch, weighing in at 8% ABV.

As it states on the can, Citra ass down and crush this beer!

After all, you only live once. 

So cheers! Here’s to being too old to die young.

Until next time, this is where I leave you.

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