They Ain’t From Around Here – A Taproom Celebrates One Year with “A Fest” of Breweries from Around The Nation

They Ain’t From Around Here – A Taproom Celebrates One Year with “A Fest” of Breweries from Around The Nation

by Mark E. Lasbury for Indiana On Tap

It’s been exactly one year since Indiana’s “serial taproom” opened in Indianapolis. Twelve months – twelve fantastic breweries have been featured at A Taproom. So what better way to celebrate their anniversary than to bring them all in at once for an afternoon of festing. But A Taprooom didn’t settle for those twelve breweries – look for 16 great producers to be slingin’ suds.

A Fest” for A Taproom will be held on April 9 from noon-5pm at Martin Luther King Park in downtown Indy. It will function as a traditional, unlimited samples festival, but the big difference is that at this fest, there really are NO local breweries. If you’ve ever wanted to try any of this beer, you’ll have to buy a ticket for the event.

image credit: A Taproom

More than a dozen of the best breweries from northern Indiana and across the country will be coming back to pour special beers, not those they had on tap  while at A Taproom during their featured month. Plus, there will be super-secret, rare beers for those with VIP tickets (and an extra hour of tasting). If you want to get in on that VIP ticket, you’d better hurry, as less than 10 remain. VIP and general admission tickets can be obtained here.

The celebration of one year in business is nothing to scoff at, and it’s especially true when you’re breaking new ground like A Taproom did with their unique concept. There were hurdles to overcome no doubt, but A Taproom has built a huge following and has worked hard to keep the beers churning, even within each month. Walter and I visit at least three times a month, and there are rarely the same offerings during multiple visits (except for the Miller Highlight and the Underbergs). This past year is a monument to a good idea, hard work, and great partners.

The famous Martin Luther King Park will be the site of “A Fest” on April 9. image credit: King Kennedy Neighborhood Assoc.

For the anniversary month of April, the featured brewery is Mortalis Brewing of Avon, NY. This brewery is one of the highest rated entities on UnTappd, with an average score of 4.34 over the 456 different beers they have made. The taproom will have many Mortalis beers pouring on the 9th, but those won’t be the same beers as at “A Fest,” so even if you’ve been a regular visitor, you’re going to find all new beers at the festival. So, you ask, who else is coming to pour at this momentous event? Try this list on for size:

2Toms Brewing, Fort Wayne IN, Arkane Aleworks, Largo FL, Blake’s Hard Cider, Armada MI, Hoplore Brewing, Leesburg IN, Lil Beaver Brewing, Bloomington IL, Listermann Brewing Co, Cincinnati OH, Maplewood Brewing, Chicago IL, Misbeehaven Meads, Valparaiso IN, MoRE Brewing CO. Huntley IL, Narrow Gauge Brewing, Florissant MO, Perennial Artisan Ales, Saint Louis MO, Streetside Brewery, Cincinnati OH, Whiskey Hill Brewing, Westmont IL, Windmill Brewing, Dyer IN, and Viking Artisan Ales, Merrillville IN. All that beer needs equipment to pour it, and A Taproom thanks Brew Link Brewing for helping out with that.

Everything from foeder-aged sours to NE IPAs to fruited berliners to milkshakes to huge stouts will be pouring for those lucky enough to get tickets. But beer isn’t the only offering for the day. Smugglers Coffee from Lowell Indian will be bring their barrel aged coffee blends, Rusted Silo will have BBQ for everyone, and Scott Diggity Dogs will be serving as well. You’ll even be able to buy special bundles when you get your tickets; an event shirt and a sticker, and a shirt, sticker and special Anniversary Collab. IPA 4-pk – that’s the one I’m looking at.

Come out to celebrate with Xavier, Eric, Rachel, Linda, Kyle, Zach, Courtney, and all the great brewery and non-brewery partners they’ve had over the past year. It’s a birthday – they deserve a party, but you get all the gifts.

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