Sours Lotteries, Art, Beer Bar Makeovers and More Happening at Upland Brewing

Sours Lotteries, Art, Beer Bar Makeovers and More Happening at Upland Brewing

Beers of the Moment: Upland and the Giant Peach Sour
Peach was one of the first fruit selected to add to our base beer when we begin this new adventure in 2006. Starlight, Indiana is home to Huber’s Orchard and Winery, where we get our peaches, and we de-stone the peach pits by hand (yep, every damn one of them) before adding to the barrels in early fall. Look for this sour beer soon!

We’re Getting Up in Arts

In addition to Falconers Flight hops and an experimental hop variety, this Dry-Hopped Lager was brewed with three ingredients: Solidarity, Love, and Creativity. This is more than a beer. It’s a way to begin 2017 on the right track and bring people together for a fun project of painting, drinking good beer, and all for local organizations that help keep the creativity flowing in our communities.

Up in Arts is a traditional German lager, fused with bright American hops, creating an aroma of tangerine and grapefruit with a crisp finish. Stop by our Upland locations while this brew is on draft!

Sour Lottery
Sour Beer Lottery will open up on January 25. Mark you calendars now and be looking for the link to register! This will be the first of four releases and five beers will be available. Secret Barrel Society members will be given first rights to reserve bottles and receive membership gifts during pick-up period, beginning Feb. 22.

West Side Beer Bar Gets a Makeover
We are so excited to be giving the West Side Beer Bar some upgrades! We’re extending the hours at this location to open on Mondays and Tuesdays from 3-10pm. Stay tuned for upcoming events in this new space.

Just for Fun: Vote on the Beer of Hoosier Nation
If there’s one thing Big Ten fans are more passionate about than basketball, it’s beer. So even if your team isn’t pulling the wins, maybe your beer can. So we’re asking you to vote for the official beer of Hoosier Nation. Is it Wheat vs. Dragonfly? Vote Here!

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