Schramm’s Mead Enters Indiana Market

Schramm’s Mead Enters Indiana Market

For immediate release from Schramm’s Mead:

Schramm’s Mead, a leader in the burgeoning mead industry, has signed with Cavalier Distributing to immediately commence sales in the State of Indiana.

Since opening in Ferndale, Michigan, in September of 2013, Schramm’s Mead has expanded into Ohio and now Indiana. The highly sought-after mead has pushed the small artisanal meadery and its offerings to the top echelons of ratings sites such as Untappd and RateBeer. Production was less than 5,000 cases last year, but is increasing.

“We will only grow as fast as quality will allow,” said head meadmaker and majority owner Ken Schramm. “There are lots of other states and even countries that want us to distribute there, but we aren’t willing to take an industrial approach to either ingredients or technique,” he added.

“We pride ourselves on bringing Indiana the best of craft beverages including mead,” noted Vincent Consola, State Sales Development Manager for Cavalier. Cavalier’s portfolio of brands is limited to only excellent imported and craft beverages. “We know Indiana is going to love this mead,” said Consola. Schramm’s Mead CEO Alyson Schramm Naeger is also pleased with the partnership.

Ken Schramm will be at the HopCat launch. image credit:

Schramm’s Mead and Cavalier Distributing have partnered with HopCat Indianapolis for a launch event to help Indiana craft beverage lovers become familiar with Schramm’s Mead’s compelling meads. Ken Schramm will be on hand for a roll out tasting on Monday, October 8 at HopCat’s location at 6280 North College Avenue. HopCat Indianapolis will have a keg of Schramm’s cherry mead “The Statement” on tap while supplies last.

About Mead and Schramm’s 
Mead, the fermented beverage from honey, has long been considered humankind’s oldest alcoholic drink. The product line from Schramm’s Mead includes spiced meads made with ginger and nutmeg, as well as meads made with fruits such as Balaton tart cherries, Heritage raspberries, black currants, boysenberries and others. Different varieties pair well with savory dishes, including barbeque, sushi and cheeses, but they are also delicious on their own.

Demand for Schramm’s Mead has exceeded expectations, due in equal parts to its quality and to the reputation of Ken Schramm. The meadery has consistently had multiple meads in’s “Top 50 Meads” list, and has been a Top 100 brewery since 2014. Schramm wrote “The Compleat Meadmaker” (©2003, Brewers Publications, Boulder, CO), which has become the current reference text of record on meadmaking, and helped to grow mead, both as a hobby and an industry.

About Cavalier Distributing 
Established in 1992 by Founder/President George Fisher, Cavalier Distributing is one of the only distributors in the country with a portfolio that is exclusively American craft and imports. Cavalier is dedicated to bringing great beer, spirits, and other craft beverages to the increasingly discerning, appreciative, and educated consumers in Indiana, Florida, and Ohio. Cavalier employs more than 350 employees throughout the three states and is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Lakeland, Florida, and Cincinnati, Ohio.

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