Scarlet Lane’s Dorian Espresso Stout Enters Year-Round Availability

Scarlet Lane’s Dorian Espresso Stout Enters Year-Round Availability

McCordsville, IN – After the wide success of Dorian Espresso Stout Scarlet Lane Brewing is excited to announce that our Tinker Coffee Espresso version of Dorian Stout will become a year-round, standard offering for our Dorian Stout portfolio.

Reaching success of the coconut variant, Dorian Espresso Stout uses local Indianapolis roaster Tinker Coffee Co. to bring a dark, creamy espresso stout to the masses. Dorian Espresso Stout will be available on draft and limited package options throughout the year starting February 2017. The draft version of Dorian Espresso will be available in 1/6BBLs and 1/2BBLs for restaurants and bars throughout Indiana.

“Our Conduit espresso blend is the result of expertly sourced and roasted coffees from Central and South America combined to form a balanced, rich, and sweet flavor profile. As the name suggests, Conduit helps bring two distinct coffees together in perfect harmony, and we’re extremely happy to include this coffee in the Dorian espresso stout. It’s exciting to know that our collaboration with Scarlet Lane’s Dorian Stout reached the success of the coconut variant – and I know it’s a hell-of-a lot easier to make as well.” Steve Hall, Tinker Coffee Co.

“Our relationship with Tinker Coffee Co. has been exceptional. They are always on the same page with us and have the same creativity as our crew. I am really excited to now work with them year-round while we continue to collaborate on special projects.” – Eilise Lane, Scarlet Lane Brewing


Dorian Stout will continue to offer specialty variants alongside the Tinker Espresso standard offering; including coconut which returns for a limited time in late April 2017.

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