Rhinegeist to Introduce New Line of Hard Craft Beverages in 2022

Rhinegeist to Introduce New Line of Hard Craft Beverages in 2022

CINCINNATI—Cincinnati-based Rhinegeist Brewery is excited to announce a new line of full-flavored Hard Craft Beverages—called RGBevs—that will be hitting taps and shelves in early 2022!

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RGBevs (short for Rhinegeist Beverages) features an array of exciting fruit combinations and natural flavors. Drawing from years of innovation and experimentation with fruit-focused alternatives to beer, RGBevs will feature updated staples from Rhinegeist’s Fruited Ale family alongside some new additions. Bubbles, a longtime fan favorite, will anchor the lineup, joined by Wowie Colada, Zango Crush and Rhinegeist’s first Hard Lemonade, Lemmy Nade.

Not beer, not seltzer, these new Hard Craft Beverages are uniquely crafted from a clear malt base with blends of real fruit and natural flavors to showcase a range of bright, fruity, juicy profiles that deliver refreshing and intense real fruit flavor. “RGBevs are all about bringing flavor back!” says Tracey Ireland, Director of Marketing at Rhinegeist. “Through a series of consumer panels and employee trials, it was clear that people are looking for more flavorful alternatives in the ‘beyond beer’ space. By delivering an intense, full flavor experience, RGBevs, are breaking the rules of flavor! These are bound to make waves, and we’re really excited to get them out into the world.”

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Concurrently with the RGBevs launch, Rhinegeist will be releasing Geist Tea, an all new Hard Tea. At 5% ABV, Geist Tea uses real black tea concentrate and other natural flavors to capture the spirit and taste of classic, sun-brewed iced tea. “We have wanted to add a Hard Tea to our portfolio for years. As we increased innovation in the beyond beer space, the production team was challenged with adding a tea to the mix. They delivered a wonderfully balanced, uncarbonated product that blew us away, and we knew we had to add it to our lineup.” notes Matt Steinke, Vice President of Sales at Rhinegeist.

In addition to RGBevs and Geist Tea, Rhinegeist has been working on some other exciting releases that will hit the market in 2022, including a brand-new fruited wheat beer and a variety pack containing crowd-sourced fan favorites from the brewery’s past releases. “The future has never been more clear—people are searching for delightful and flavorful innovation, and we’re excited to deliver on this front with a wide spectrum of new offerings in the coming year,” exclaims Bryant Goulding, co-founder of Rhinegeist. “2022 is looking bright, refreshing and delicious!” RGBevs and Geist Tea will be available beginning in early March.

About Rhinegeist Brewery: Rhinegeist Brewery was founded in 2013. Its name translates to “Ghost of the Rhine” and refers to its location in the historic Over-the-Rhine Brewery District in Cincinnati, Ohio. Located in the skeleton of an old brewery built before Prohibition, Rhinegeist aims to brew beers that sing with flavor. The Rhinegeist team believes in the power of beer to bring great people together, foment fantastic ideas and build a community that values craft beer and one another.

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